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New AirWatch & Intel Alliance Levels up Your Mobile Security

  • Gabrielle Ferree By

The complex mobile threat defense lifecycle is about to get a lot shorter, thanks to a new partnership announced today between AirWatch and Intel Security. By entering into each other’s security programs—the Intel Security Innovation Alliance™ and the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance (MSA)—mutual customers have the ability to respond to security threats faster and with more comprehensive intelligence.

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Through the McAfee® Data Exchange Layer, companies can now access both AirWatch and Intel Security mobility data so they can take swift action to protect data and better prevent future attacks. Now, mobile data can freely flow across devices, operating systems, networks and clouds, shining a light on “mobile blind spots” and eliminating places threats can hide. The advanced, joint security capabilities also help businesses save money and help them maximize the ROI of existing security investments.

As organizations increasingly migrate to cloud-based solutions and take up more mobile initiatives, new security threats will continue to arise and evolve. In 2014 alone, 1,023,108,267 records were breached, 1-in-5 Android users experienced a mobile threat and cybercrimes cost industries millions of dollars, according to AirWatch infographic The Haunting Reality of Mobile Security.

The AirWatch-Intel alliance speeds up response time to mobile threats and simplifies security defense by bridging the gap in intelligence across applications. The result is a complete mobile security solution that enables businesses to better control assets across their mobile fleet, Noah Wasmer said in a press release today.

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Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.

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