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AirWatch Connect 2016

What Is Connect Atlanta 2016?

Connect Atlanta 2016, now in its fifth year, will feature keynotes from some of the brightest minds in tech. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the newest technology at the Mobility Expo and in more than 850 hands-on labs.

But to really understand what Connect is, what you’ll learn and how it will impact your business, see what 15 past attendees said about the enterprise mobility event. Here’s what customers, partners and mobility enthusiasts love most about Connect.

Each year, thousands of business leaders and IT professionals gather at Connect to…

Learn, train and gain insights on how to create a mobile center of excellence.

“Too many great sessions to choose from!”
—Eileen O., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“Great learnings, great venue and passionate people at #AWConnect @AirWatch.”
—Hans K., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“Loving the knowledge I gained here at #AWConnect 2014 and looking forward to implementing it at the office.”
—Nate W., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“My favorite thing about #AWConnect is hearing other people’s use cases and what the experts and analysts see coming in the future for mobility.”
—Beau B., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

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“Mobility is revolutionizing healthcare. We have to be able to deploy our resources whenever and wherever they are needed.”
VITAS Healthcare

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“As a retailer, we need to plan for our future and then execute on that vision. Mobility is a key toolset for making that possible.”
Gap Inc.

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Discover new technology from the VMware AirWatch mobile ecosystem.

“My favorite thing about #AWConnect 2014 is the unveiling of the new products, like AirWatch Teacher Tools and AirWatch Video!”
—Jainet B., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“I’ve been attending conferences since the 1980s, and AirWatch has found something very few companies know about providing ecosystem information in an upbeat, zero-pressure environment. Loved the “Ask the Expert” venue with AirWatch reps at the keyboard ready to walk through scenarios or point to docs, resources or contacts—what a hit. Loved every minute of it. Kudos! Go, AirWatch Connect!”
—Bruce S., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“The sky is the limit. Mobility absolutely has the ability to grow and provide additional success.”
United Airlines

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“Mobile innovation at its finest!”
—Jainet B., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

Connect with enterprise mobility experts, industry leaders and peers.

“The best thing about my first #AWConnect 2014 has been meeting the people I work with at AirWatch face to face and networking with other users to gain insight on how to make our environment better. The event has been a very collaborative and innovative conference. The sessions, keynotes and networking events were very worth my time. Great job, AW!”
—Bill S., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“So glad I came to Connect. AirWatch is the first company I’ve ever dealt with that makes me feel like they are genuinely interested in my input.”
—Jeffrey C., AirWatch Connect 2014 attendee

“My favorite thing about #AWConnect has been the staff. Everyone here is super helpful and very friendly. I feel like a VIP every time I speak with an AirWatch employee. I guarantee I’ll be back next year!”
—Matt H., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

“What makes us so confident in the future is knowing we have a partner with a unique focus on the world of mobility.”

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“My favorite thing about #AWConnect2014 was all the hard work that all the staff and folks behind the scenes did for us to make this the best conference I have ever attended. #thankyou”
—Mike S., 2014 AirWatch Connect attendee

Learn, discover and connect Oct. 2–6 in Atlanta. Use code “SOCIAL10” to register now.

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Find out more about the leading event for enterprise mobility:

Ashley Speagle

Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware AirWatch.


  1. sully@wca.com


    Where is the Content?

    The General Sessions, Keynotes, filmed sessions and presentation decks?

    I went to VMWorld 2016 whicn ended on a Thursday.


    What gives?


    Dan Sullivan

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