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Free Digital Download: Enterprise Mobility Management — EMM for Dummies eBook

  • Blakely Thomas-Aguilar By 1 comment

Exclusive free digital download for VMware AirWatch Blog readers: new Enterprise Mobility Management for Dummies Guide.

EMM Dummies Guide AirWatchThis how-to book is loaded with information to help you understand and capitalize on enterprise mobility management (EMM). In plain language, the authors explain:

  • What EMM is;
  • Why EMM is such a hot topic;
  • What to look for in an EMM platform; and
  • How to get started down the EMM path.

Excerpt from the Introduction

You don’t have to look far to see countless ways that mobility changes the way everyone lives and works—and blurs the once‐sharp lines between our personal and working lives.

Mobile users now check email and read books on tablets while they spin the pedals of stationary bikes at the gym. They order coffee from their smartphones on the way out of the gym. They read the morning paper in a digital form and reply to text messages from colleagues while they sip their lattes at the coffee shop. The list of examples goes on and on—and the workday hasn’t officially started yet.

Everywhere you look, the surge of mobile devices is changing the way that business is done. This surge is bringing new expectations from both end users and line‐of‐business leaders:

1. End users expect to use their mobile devices in the course of their work, just as they do in their personal lives.

2. Business leaders expect to capitalize on mobile devices to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve return on investment (ROI) by replacing traditional paper‐based processes.
  • Create a competitive advantage for the enterprise — whether it’s empowering a mobile sales force or gathering data from the Internet of Things (IoT).

This is good news, but there’s a catch: How do you manage it all?

Download the EMM for Dummies Guide here.

The emerging challenge for the information technology (IT) team is to manage mobility in the enterprise in a way that:

  • Keeps corporate data secure;
  • Ensures that existing infrastructure is compatible with today’s mobile environment; and
  • Enables a management approach that continually adapts to new devices and changing business needs.

All the while, IT must enable users to be more flexible and agile, allow users to be more productive and efficient and encourage users to embrace mobility. This focus on the user experience is no longer just a nice‐to‐have feature. It’s a new mandate for IT. A great user experience is the new normal. This is where enterprise mobility management (EMM) enters the picture.

With a robust EMM platform, your organization can integrate a wide range of mobile devices—both personal and corporate‐owned—into a unified management framework that includes rock‐solid security, identity, application, and content management. That’s what this book is about.

Enterprise Mobility Management for Dummies provides a guide to building an EMM foundation—with all the tools and processes you need to manage, provision, and secure mobility—to empower your people and transform your organization.

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Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely Thomas-Aguilar

Blakely is a brand journalist for VMware AirWatch by day, sci-fi/fantasy book-aholic (and mom of 3!) by night.


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