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Info-Tech Research Group names AirWatch an MDM Champion

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Info-Tech has awarded AirWatch placement into its most highly regarded quadrant –the Champions quadrant.

Info-Tech Research Group recently released its annual Vendor Landscape: Mobile Device Management Suites study, which placed 12 MDM vendors into four of the following quadrants: Emerging Player, Market Pillar, Innovator, and Champion. Info-Tech has awarded AirWatch placement into its most highly regarded quadrant –the Champions quadrant.

Info-Tech’s research is compiled to help those searching for an MDM vendor make the correct choice as to which MDM vendor is best suited for their needs.

According to the Info-Tech Research Group, Champion Awards are given to: “those solutions, and only those solutions, that land in the Champion zone of the Info-Tech Vendor Landscape” The determining factors for quadrant placement included many variables. Spanning from vendor viability, strategy, reach, and channel, as well as, product criteria such as, features, usability, affordability, and architecture.

Among other findings, Info-Tech Research Group has labeled AirWatch, best suited for both cloud deployment and on-premise deployment. AirWatch has also been identified as a “dominant player” in the industry.

Info-Tech’s study, finds AirWatch to be a mature, yet still growing and innovating company. The in-depth study of the Vendor Landscape, found AirWatch to be feature rich, giving AirWatch exemplary marks, both as a vendor and for the product it provides. Info-Tech Research Group looked at eight features: app development, document management, email management, expense management, help desk, personas, platforms, and reporting, each of which were marked fully present for AirWatch in the study.

Info-Tech Research Group also placed AirWatch among the best choices when considering application management. The study listed AirWatch’s strengths as the following: easy to integrate SDK, application wrapping, advanced reporting and analytics, expense management, and quick Samsung KNOX integration. Info-Tech Research Group labeled AirWatch’s deployment options as plentiful, stating, “AirWatch should be on nearly every MDM shortlist. It has a full set of features and is set to continue to grow and innovate.”

Download the Vendor Landscape: Mobile Device Management Suites study.

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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