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Mobile phone nightmares

  • Lanier Norville By

Mobile phones can make your Halloween more fun, or turn an ordinary day into a horror story.

First Coast News reported on several apps that can help keep track of trick-or-treating kids on Halloween.

There’s no time like Halloween to find out what you’d look like as a zombie. Thanks to ZombieBooth, now you can.

Earlier this year, an unsuspecting teenager gave her mother a fright when she unknowingly butt-dialed her from a screening of the horror film “Cabin in the Woods.” The mother dialed 911 when she couldn’t reach her daughter, who had turned her phone on silent.

More people than ever are accidentally calling the emergency hotline. The Huffington Post reported that 40 percent of 911 calls are accidental butt-, pocket- or purse-dials.

In some cases, though, pocket-dials can help authorities catch criminals, like this woman who pocket-dialed the hotel she had just robbed.

And then there are the everyday mobile phone nightmares that haunt IT professionals worldwide, like the dreaded zombie phones that can devour your mobile budget, or the recent finding that 41 percent of employees are deliberately leaking confidential data.

What’s your worst mobility nightmare?


Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.

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