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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is now enterprise-ready

The new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX are now enterprise-ready thanks to a variety of new enterprise and productivity features as part of Amazon’s Fire OS 3.1.

In addition to a variety of new enterprise features, the new Kindle Fire tablets also include Kindle-specific management APIs that integrate with existing MDM solutions to make it easy for IT departments to manage Kindle Fire. As part of this effort, AirWatch has worked with Amazon to ensure the new Kindle Fire tablets work seamlessly with AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management and can be easily introduced into a corporate IT environment. Through AirWatch, IT administrators can leverage the enhancements Amazon has made to the Android APIs, such as Kerberos integration, device-level proxy capabilities and document viewing secured by MDM. Users and approved contacts can send documents to a pre-set email address, and they will automatically appear in the document library.

The Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets are aimed at users who want a single tablet for work and personal use.  New features that make the new Kindle Fire tablets enterprise-ready include:

Email, OfficeSuite and Native VPN

Amazon has honed in on enterprise compatibility with Outlook support, built-in OfficeSuite and a native VPN client. Business users can now easily set up their accounts, group conversations by subject and sync their email. A native VPN client allows instant access to corporate networks outside the office.

Device-level Encryption

The Kindle Fire tablets provide built-in encryption for added protection, a feature that will appeal to users in high-security industries. The tablet also includes a single-sign on feature that makes it easier to navigate the Intranet for companies using Kerberos authentication.

Native Printing

Amazon has embedded plugins for leading printer manufacturers for a native printing experience that does not require documents to travel through the cloud. Users can print documents and emails directly from Kindle Fire to a wireless printer.

Wi-Fi Networks with WPA2 Support

Kindle Fire HDX also includes Wi-Fi networks with WPA2 support for secure access to corporate apps, documents and resources like SharePoint, as well as access to Android enterprise apps in the Amazon Appstore.


The new Mayday feature – a button that connects users via video call to a live Amazon support rep – has gotten a lot of attention as an innovative IT support tool for consumers. Mayday also has a compelling business use case. Consider the burden on an IT helpdesk at a company that has just implemented BYOD. Users are inevitably going to have questions about how to connect to the corporate network, and IT specialists are inevitably going to encounter a problem on a device they are not as familiar with. Mayday could reduce the likelihood of such encounters by connecting users directly to Amazon support to solve problems. For organizations that prefer not to give support, representative’s access to the back ends of their users’ devices, the feature can be easily disabled.

Second Screen

Second screen is a popular feature among consumers because it allows users to fling the display (say, of a movie they’re watching) to a smart TV screen and then do something else on the tablet. But the feature also has appeal for business users, who could use Second Screen to play a presentation and take notes or check email at the same time.

“Kindle Fire was already a popular BYOD tablet,” said Vijay Rangarajan, Product Manager, Kindle Enterprise and Education. “With the new enterprise features on the Kindle Fire tablets, we have added more value for our customers to boost productivity when using their tablets at work. Companies will also find that the Kindle Fire tablets can be easily integrated into the workplace.”

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.


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  2. Michael Lane

    Based on your article, I purchased a Kindle Fire HDX for use with my company’s BYOD program, which is based on Air Watch Technology. For a short period of time, I was able to use my Kindle with fantastic results. Then came the dreaded update to version Ever since then, my Kindle has been labeled as “non-compliant”, Air Watch support has been unable to resolve the issue even after I reset the Kindle. For over a month now I’ve been unable to connect to my work network, and Air Watch support has been unable or unwilling to provide a date to resolve the issue. Any suggestions for resolving this quickly would be appreciated. I understand and have empathy as you try to fend off people trying to slip past security, but surely there is something that can be done for the folks that are trying to work within the rules and use your product as it was intended. Thanks.

    1. Lanier NorvilleLanier Norville Post author

      Hi Mike,

      I consulted with our product management team and found out that this is a known issue that will be resolved by the release of our new agent in the coming weeks. I’ve also sent you an email with information about how to fix the problem until then.

  3. Avery Bunker

    Good Evening, Any update on the above. The AppStore still shows and getting the same error after enrolling of not being compliant and an issue with the Google Cloud Messaging being missing as well.

    1. Lanier NorvilleLanier Norville Post author

      Hi Avery,

      The issue will be corrected with the release of 4.5.3, which has been released on the Google Play store and will be available in the Kindle Store soon.

  4. Linda M. Shafer

    Thanks for the article Lanier. Netflix app is great on Amazon Kindle Fire. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix on your Amazon Kindle Fire.

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