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AirWatch spreads holiday cheer to a deserving family

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A team of 30 AirWatch employees helped a Georgia family in need celebrate the holidays this year. The AirWatch RFP team adopted a family through the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers’ Foundation, an organization that matches families in need of legal services with lawyers who can provide pro bono representation. Before the holidays, AVLF Board President Avi Stadler and Elizabeth Whipple, Director of Domestic Violence & Guardian ad Litem Programs, identified several client families who wouldn’t be able to afford a holiday celebration this year. Members of the AirWatch RFP team heard about the initiative and adopted one of the families – a single mother of four children between the ages of 5 and 12 who were victims of domestic violence.

After the AirWatch team adopted the family, Whipple sent a list of the family’s wants and needs with the following note: “I wanted to impart at least a sense of what [the mother] has been through, so you can appreciate how much your help will mean, on numerous levels… With all this craziness, she has managed to raise four loving, sweet and really smart little kids. Thank you so much for doing this — it means a lot.”

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With wish lists in hand, team members immediately went to work, and gifts began pouring in. As the word spread throughout the company, team members from other departments within AirWatch began to drop off gifts and check both wants and needs off the list. New clothes, bedding and pajamas, as well as Legos, Barbies, games and books filled the drop-off area. At Whipple’s request, team members also brought gifts for the young mother. “I would love for her to get something to pamper her — something she doesn’t just need,” Whipple wrote. This Christmas, she will receive a designer wallet, clothes and manicure and pedicure sets, along with the pots and pans, towels and Crock Pot that were on her list.


When the shopping was done, the AirWatch RFP team organized a gift wrapping party. All of the employees who were involved stopped by to help with the wrapping. The team arranged the packages in the back of this SUV to be delivered to Whipple, who delivered the gifts to the family.


Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.

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