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AirWatch in sports

Of touchdowns and tablets: AirWatch leaps into athletics

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Professional sports are evolving; athletes are bigger, stronger, faster and more dedicated than ever before. And like the athletes that study them, playbooks are evolving as well. They’re lengthier. They’re more complex. And they’ve benched the loose leaf in favor of a more technologically advanced mobile format.

In the past, professional athletes were accustomed to carrying sprawling 500-page playbooks in thick binders that at times weighed upwards of 80 pounds. But with advancements in technology, sports organizations saw an advantage. With tablets, sports organizations are reducing expenses by minimizing printing and paper costs – and in turn, giving players and coaching staffs easier access to playbooks and game film.

Tablets in professional locker rooms are used for far more than entertainment. Today, players are using tablets to gain a competitive advantage. Athletes are watching game film, studying plays and taking notes on-the-go. Tablets have now becoming the go-to knowledge hub for athletes – after games and practice, players are taking their tablets into the training room or using the devices at home to watch film. They’re no longer lugging around 50 pound playbooks or DVDs of last week’s practice footage. Everything they need for next week’s game is in their hands on their mobile devices.

Coaches are able to send real-time playbook updates and create new plays on-the-go. They now have the ability to annotate plays and make comments on game film as well as a new medium to communicate with other coaching staff or players. Coaches are now watching game tape on planes, in hotel lobbies or in their living rooms from their tablets, rewinding and fast-forwarding with the tap of a finger and developing game plans from wherever they are.

For professional sports organizations, the information on a mobile device is highly confidential. Practice film, game plans and detailed offensive and defensive formations must be protected. And that’s exactly where AirWatch is making a difference. Playbook applications are being secured using AirWatch’s mobile application management technology, which protects the data within the applications. The applications are then distributed to the players’ devices over-the-air (OTA) through the AirWatch App Catalog.

With AirWatch, IT administrators are able to easily monitor devices in a deployment remotely and setup automatic compliance policies and management functions such as requiring a complex passcode, locking the device or removing an application. AirWatch has flexible deployment models, which allows data to be stored in the cloud, on-premise or both through a hybrid approach.

But as tablets transition to new-era mobile playbooks, the most important feature for IT departments is the ability to remotely wipe the device. If a device is lost or stolen, AirWatch enables IT administrators to wipe all sensitive data on the device without ever having to physically touch it. This helps keep playbooks secure and limits the possibility of data loss. For professional sports organizations, implementing AirWatch is a smart play.

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Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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