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AirWatch hosts TAG: Looking beyond BYOD to a more comprehensive mobile engagement strategy

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Members of Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) gathered yesterday at AirWatch headquarters for some coffee and introductions followed by an hour long panel session which focused primarily on BYOD. The panel, which featured four industry veterans and was moderated by AirWatch COO David Dabbiere, fielded questions regarding their company’s BYOD approaches and what to expect in 2014.


  • John Trainor, CIO at Aaron’s
  • Andrew Hock, Director of Partners & Alliances at  Apperian, Inc.
  • Rick Franke, Global Services and Support at AirWatch
  • Gene Signorini, Vice President of Mobile Insights at Mobiquity, Inc. (formerly of Yankee Group)

Dabbiere kicked off the discussion with a simple question – What’s the real value of BYOD? “I think the baseline value comes with compliance,” said Trainor, CIO at Aaron’s, “but the real value is going beyond that.” Gene Signorini of Mobile Insights Mobiquity reiterated that sentiment. Mobility is already an advantage for the enterprise said Signorini, “the question becomes, how do we take advantage of what’s already there?”

And how do you measure the success of a BYOD initiative? Rick Franke, VP Global Services & Support at AirWatch, names efficiency as the main measurable for a BYOD initiative. “we’ve all felt the positive impact that mobility has had in our personal lives, but the true benefit is finding benefits in both work and play.” However, it’s clear that there is a knowledge gap between what users tend to believe and what is true. “As enterprises, we need to do a better job of educating our end users. We can’t assume everyone is as knowledgeable as your IT department or vendors.”


  • BYOD is no longer a choice, it’s now a matter of how and when
  • Engage and educate end users to boost adoption
  • Applications are huge, the data not the device is now leading the security conversation

The notion of work is changing. The office and the coffee shop are now equals in the eyes of employees. Hours are extending to all hours of the night as employees continue to gain access to more content and capabilities.

“The panelists really did a great job talking about what’s next,” said Trainor. “How do you drive value from what’s to come in BYOD? When mobile entered the enterprise we were unprepared, but now I think the industry isn’t skating after the puck anymore, it’s skating toward where the puck is going to be.”

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Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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