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Bringing VMware and AirWatch together

  • Lanier Norville By

The line between mobile and desktop is blurring. There may be nothing that represents that fact more clearly than VMware’s acquisition of AirWatch — the company’s largest acquisition to date. But exactly how will the integration of the two formerly separate silos of desktop and mobile occur? Kit Colbert, CTO of End-User Computing at VMware, has shed some light in a VMware blog post on plans for integrating the respective technologies and laying the groundwork for a future of seamless end-user computing across devices.

“While there is a separation between desktop and mobile today, there are many common sets of functionalities between the two,” Colbert writes. To learn how VMware and AirWatch are bridging the divide, read the full story on the VMware CTO blog, or watch following video, which describes the architecture and technology integration plans in more detail:


Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.

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