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Introducing the AirWatch + ServiceNow Connector by Cloud Sherpas

By Tony Fugere, Service Delivery Manager for the ServiceNow Business Unit at Cloud Sherpas.

Cloud Sherpas is a global cloud advisory and technology services company delivering cloud strategy, implementation and integration capabilities for the world’s leading brands. As an AirWatch Service Provider Partner, Cloud Sherpas works closely with the AirWatch team to develop and maintain new solutions built around the AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) console.

Most recently, the two teams worked together to build a new solution using ServiceNow to improve MDM capabilities in organizations using the cloud ITSM platform. Cloud Sherpas’ solution uses the AirWatch API to integrate the two solutions and combine AirWatch’s anywhere access for MDM with ServiceNow’s flexible incident and request management applications. The result is a single interface that enhances service capabilities, improves the end-user experience and minimizes risks associated with mobility and BYOD strategies. (Read more below the video.)

Putting the Integration to Use

So how does Cloud Sherpas’ AirWatch and ServiceNow integration work? Here are three use cases that demonstrate how the new solution solves common mobility challenges organizations using the cloud ITSM platform face:

Device Enrollment

What happens when new employees come on board or existing employees upgrade to new devices? The Device Enrollment functionality makes it easy for these users and IT to register new devices and connect them to corporate apps.

Here’s how it works: Users can navigate to the self-service portal in ServiceNow, select “Enroll Device” and follow instructions to enter basic information, such as name and device type. Once the required information is entered, an approval request will be sent to the manager. The device will be enrolled and appear in the AirWatch console once the approval is made, at which point the user will also be notified.

Password Reset

In most IT organizations, upwards of 75 percent of all phone calls and communications that the service desk receives are related to password reset. As mobile devices with multiple forms of security are brought to the workplace, a new breed of password reset needs is being introduced. The Device Security Reset (aka password reset) provides an automated request process for end users and the service desk.

Here’s how it works: A user can navigate to the security request form in ServiceNow, which will generate a request so that IT can track and report on this data. Then, the system will contact AirWatch to perform the reset on the user’s device. At this point, the user is able to access the device again and change their password, passcode or swipe pattern.

Device Return & Device Wipe

At some point, employees will leave the organization or, in a worst case scenario, have their devices lost or stolen. All of these occurrences require data to be wiped from the device to some extent.

Here’s how it works: If a device is lost or stolen, a manager can use the integrated solution to easily perform a remote device wipe, which is akin to a factory reset. In the case of an employee leaving the organization, managers can chose to do a device wipe, as outlined above, if the device is company-owned or a device return if it’s employee-owned. The device return only removes company data and takes the device off of the “Active Device List” in AirWatch — it does not restore to factory settings.

Delivering Key Benefits

As the above use cases demonstrate, the AirWatch + ServiceNow Connector by Cloud Sherpas makes managing the lifecycle of mobile devices easy for end users and IT alike. While AirWatch can deliver this functionality on its own, this integration benefits organizations using ServiceNow by further simplifying the experience for both parties. 

For example, the integration means that end users can take care of mobile service needs through the ServiceNow interface with which they are already familiar. It also allows IT to make sure that end users are using the self-service options as IT wants them to, rather than just having access to the console. Additionally, the integration enables IT to control and automate the workflow for these processes through ServiceNow Catalog Items.

Learn More

To learn more about the benefits and use cases for the AirWatch + ServiceNow Connector by Cloud Sherpas, visit

About the Author

tony fugere blog imageTony Fugere is a Service Delivery Manager for the ServiceNow Business Unit at Cloud Sherpas, and has over 10 years of experience in IT and IT Service Management working with clients from a diverse set of industries. He has been working with the ServiceNow platform for over 3 years and has contributed to over 50 implementations/projects as a consultant. He has a vast wealth of knowledge around the ServiceNow platform, cloud enablement and adoption, programming, systems integration and database/system administration as he moved into management from the technical ranks.

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