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AirWatch earns patents for watermarking technology

Today, AirWatch announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has awarded AirWatch two patents for functionality watermarking and management and enterprise-specific watermarking and management.

Watermarking documents enables users to verify the authenticity of documents and their origins. From the AirWatch console, administrators can overlay and apply customized watermarks based on employee identification numbers to increase accountability or specifications such as “confidential” or “for employee use only.” The watermarking technology will be incorporated across the AirWatch console and applications.

Watermarks can be applied to conventional file types such as Microsoft Office or PDF documents, as well as multimedia files such as photographs and videos. Watermarking photographs and videos could be useful for law enforcement capturing sensitive forensic evidence at crime scenes, much of which is subject to strict data protection regulations. AirWatch administrators can overlay the customizable watermarks based on several variables such as file type, document security level and target audience. On August 12, AirWatch will be issued a third patent related to watermarking.

The patents follow a flurry of recent announcements and commentary related to Secure Content Locker:

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Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.


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