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AirWatch customers: Is it time for a Health Check?

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Even the most advanced automobiles periodically need a little fine-tuning. Much like the modern engine, your mobile deployment can be analyzed to make sure every component is running as smoothly as possible. AirWatch Health Check is a full two-day comprehensive technical and functional audit of your AirWatch environment.

Prior to performing the Health Check, we gather significant information about your company’s use cases and business workflows to ensure you are using AirWatch to its full potential. The first day of the Health Check is an all-day audit, during which an AirWatch professional services consultant will work with your organization to find any security, architectural, scaling or technical issues within your environment. We put your environment under the microscope, inspecting everything from hardware to specs on servers, major errors and administrative console configurations.

If inefficiencies are discovered, our engineers will work with your team to assist in streamlining business processes tied to your mobile deployment. AirWatch will also work with your team to fix less technical problems, such as low adoption rates. AirWatch consultants can work with your team to recommend best practices for driving adoption.

After day one, the AirWatch team presents their findings and ranks them based on priority: High, medium and low. Following the presentation of the Health Check’s findings, organizations can choose to spend the remainder of day two completing the following:

  • Health Check Audit Resolution: Resolution of as many Health Check items as time allows
  • Secondary Environment Health Check: Additional Health Check of a secondary environment (development, UAT, etc.)
  • AirWatch Product Suite Overviews: Demonstration and/or discussion of new production features
  • Training Preparation: Initial training and preparation for the AirWatch Associate-Level Certification Program
  • Key Client Initiatives: Discussion of key client initiatives planned to occur in the near future


Is my organization eligible for a Health Check?

Yes, if you are an AirWatch customer you automatically become eligible for a Health Check audit. Audits have been done for organizations with as few as 25 devices and for enterprises with tens of thousands of enrolled devices. Health Checks can be performed on site or off site for both on premise and cloud customers.

How much does a Health Check cost?

Health Check has a standard fee of $2,500. Enterprise Support clients receive two free Health Checks a year and Enhanced Support clients receive one full audit for free each year. To learn more about Enterprise and Enhanced Support offerings, contact your account executive.

Does the Health Check require any down time?

No, there is no requirement for any down time nor does a Health Check require a test environment. The Health Check is not disruptive to any day-to-day MDM activities.

What resources from my IT team should be available for the Health Check?

AirWatch recommends having the following resources on call during the assessment:

  • Database Administrator to assist in providing access and information to the SQL infrastructure used
  • Server Administrator to assist in providing access and information to the Application Servers used for AirWatch
  • Network Administrator to assist in providing information pertinent to the setup for AirWatch
  • MDM Administrator to assist in providing access and information for the AirWatch Environment, and standard deployment practices

Any other relevant stakeholders depending on your deployment should also be on call during the assessment.

How can I learn more about AirWatch Health Check?

To learn more about Health Check, contact your account executive.

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Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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