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Is Your MDM solution getting rusty? Switch to the AirWatch EMM platform with the Safe Passage Program

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By Blake Brannon, AirWatch Sales Engineer

It’s challenging enough to manage devices, applications and content for thousands of users across your organization. Why manage multiple vendors as well? Make the switch to AirWatch, the leader in enterprise mobility management, and manage devices, apps and content in a single platform, all from one console.

There are many things to consider when you’re getting ready to make the switch, so we’ve designed a migration plan that will make the experience virtually seamless to your end users and minimize impact to your business operations. Our Safe Passage Program provides a simple path forward, complete with migration services to ease the transition. Learn more in the video and in the rest of my post below.

So why have we created the migration plan? Enterprise mobility is a market in transition, and AirWatch has been on the front lines helping leading organizations develop modern, comprehensive mobile strategies that address all aspects of a mobile deployment, at the device, app and content levels. AirWatch is leading the transition with our comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform, which provides a seamless user experience and single management console. And now, we’ve outlined best practices for a seamless transition to AirWatch.

Your end users’ productivity will increase when they have a unified set of mobile tools with seamless integration and self-service capabilities. Your organization will also experience higher long-term returns by investing in a platform that can scale to support your future mobile initiatives.

Why AirWatch?

AirWatch offers the most comprehensive enterprise mobility management suite in the industry. By building our solutions in-house we are able to provide users with tightly integrated, secure enterprise solutions for content, email, applications, browsing and workspace management. Learn more about the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform by visiting

Top 10 AirWatch Advantages

  • Single platform for Enterprise Mobility Management with a central console to manage mobile devices, email, applications, content, browsing and more.
  • Flexible approach to manage the device and/or a secure workspace on the device to address multiple use cases across the extended enterprise.
  • Same-day support for all major operating system and OEM releases enable organizations to take advantage the latest technology advancements.
  • Extended management for laptops, rugged and peripheral devices alongside mobile devices.
  • Common development platform with unified codebase enables seamless product integration and unified user experience across mobile tools.
  • Best-in-class architecture that is scalable and secure, with unparalleled multitenancy and role-based access control for delegated management.
  • Tight integration to enterprise systems, streamlined one-time back-end setup, and a growing ecosystem of partner solutions to maximize your investments.
  • Automated compliance engine with pre-defined rules and actions, real-time mobile analytics with interactive dashboards and integrated reporting portal
  • Strong global presence and localized sales, services and support across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, with solutions available in 17 languages
  • Financial strength of VMware enables continued investment in R&D to extend the platform, deepen functionality, and bring innovative products to market.

Learn more about the Safe Passage Program.

Guest Contributors

Guest Contributors

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