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AirWatch Partner Profile: PrinterOn enables painless mobile printing

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In the enterprise, printing is a critical component in successful business operations. When enterprise workers can’t print from their mobile device, mission-critical tasks can come to a halt, employees grow frustrated, productivity declines, and customers ultimately get disappointed. PrinterOn, the world’s leader in securing mobile printing solutions, is making mobile printing pains obsolete. The company is enabling enterprise employees to use their mobile devices to print simply – and securely – from any device. Through its service, enterprise users can securely print to any PrinterOn-enabled printer worldwide.

Tom Barber, director of marketing and business development at PrinterOn, says the company’s sole focus is making secure printing from mobile devices easier.

Organizations have a tendency to forget about the challenges of printing from mobile devices in the enterprise, says Barber. The all-too-common challenge often arises when an enterprise procures a large amount of iPads to support a particular business process and then realizes they are unable to use them to securely print. “In the enterprise, insecure printing is a non-starter. You must securely print.” Between enterprise network security and the way mobile devices print, connecting new mobile devices to printers can be difficult. But with PrinterOn, enterprises can enable employees, regardless of device, to print from any location – even on-the-go.

Because of PrinterOn’s unique cloud-based directory, the company can make both users and IT departments happy. Users can easily print securely inside or outside the company network and IT can be assured that, no matter where the user is and where the printer is, the print jobs are secure. “The PrinterOn service is sophisticated enough to know how to instruct the mobile device to submit their print job depending on who the user is, where they are, and what the target printer is.,” says Barber. IT administrators have the ability to configure all of this so they are in complete control. This ensures employees only print to PrinterOn Enterprise-enabled printers.

“We never use the phrase ‘mobile printing’ when referring to the enterprise without putting the word ‘secure’ in front of it.” That statement has become a mantra of sorts for Barber and his PrinterOn colleagues. PrinterOn Enterprise boasts enterprise-grade security, with documents encrypted in transit and at rest with unique AES encryption keys for each print job. PrinterOn also seamlessly integrates with LDAP/AD, and the company’s modular approach allows it to securely hook directly into any enterprise’s backend printing infrastructure. “It doesn’t matter what your enterprise network looks like or what your use cases are,” says Barber. “We’re flexible and scalable enough to ensure your security policies are upheld and that your organization can securely print from anywhere.”

Along with its Enterprise Printing Solutions, PrinterOn has a vast public printing network that consists of more than 10,000 public printing locations such as libraries, hotels and airport lounges, enabling workers to print from wherever and whenever. This solution runs off of the PrinterOn Hosted solution and can also be accessed from PrinterOn’s Enterprise Printing Solutions. The Hosted solution’s 10,000 public printing locations span across 120 countries. To date PrinterOn Hosted has delivered 80 million pages.

The PrinterOn-AirWatch Partnership

PrinterOn and AirWatch have worked closely to enhance the mobile printing experience for end users, and also to help IT easily distribute its application to AirWatch users. PrinterOn for AirWatch is an AirWatch-managed application that has been wrapped in the AirWatch SDK. The application enables AirWatch users to securely print to PrinterOn Enterprise enabled printers, yet it also provides additional levels of security and manageability for IT administrators.

PrinterOn for AirWatch application management features include:

  • Administrative control and tracking
  • App distribution and provisioning
  • Device integrity management (i.e. the ability to disable access for jailbroken devices)
  • Users can print directly from AirWatch Secure Content Locker

For additional flexibility, Enterprise AirWatch administrators can create and push out profiles to mobile devices to allow them to use the PrinterOn Enterprise printing service without using the PrinterOn app. This is used for workflow-based printing, or even direct integration with custom mobile enterprise apps used for specific business functions.

There is plenty more in the works between PrinterOn and AirWatch. PrinterOn will be making an appearance at AirWatch Connect Atlanta in the Mobility Expo. “We have some exciting news to announce at Connect. We’ve been working hard with AirWatch to make printing a seamless part of an employee’s workflow, and we’re thrilled to reveal what we’ve been working on at this year’s event — particularly when it comes to native mobile device printing.”

To learn more about PrinterOn for AirWatch visit their page on the AirWatch Marketplace or visit the PrinterOn for AirWatch solutions page.

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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