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What we found: Insights from our enterprise apps poll

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Last month, we asked our readers to answer a few questions about enterprise apps at their organization. We received a total of 140 votes. Our findings are below.

Productivity and Enterprise Apps

Apps are one of mobility’s strongest selling points, and businesses are taking note of the productivity gains they can provide. More than half (55%) of our voters agree that apps are enhancing business productivity across the board, while another 23% agree apps enhance productivity for certain teams. Less than a quarter of respondents believe enterprise apps do not enhance productivity.

App Development and Deployment

According to our poll, more than half of companies (58%) are developing custom enterprise apps. The remaining 42% either do not yet offer enterprise apps or offer public apps. Most businesses that offer app downloads provide employees with a custom enterprise app store. Two-thirds of our voters’ companies have enterprise app stores where employees can browse, review and download apps.

Decisions related to app development and purchasing are most often a collective effort of many stakeholders, such as IT, end users, business leaders and development teams. Nearly half of all respondents (43%) say they collaborate across teams on app-related decisions. IT leaders are the single most likely group to choose which apps to deploy to users. According to our poll, IT leaders are most likely to choose apps at 35% of companies, while business leaders are most likely to choose apps at only 12% of companies. It appears end users have the least decision-making power when it comes to apps – end users were the primary decision makers at only 10% of companies.

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Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon

Scott Solomon is an Atlanta native and University of Georgia graduate who has spent the past six years studying technology, though his passion for the subject has been lifelong.

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