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VMware’s Socialcast now integrates with AirWatch to simplify mobile application deployment

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By Oren Root, Sr. Product Manager, Socialcast by VMware, and Lucas Chen, Product Manager, AirWatch SDK & Integrations

VMware has released the Socialcast for iOS 3.5 app. With the new app, we have introduced an integration with AirWatch. The integration allows AirWatch administrators to push down configurations and admin settings for easing deployment in addition to centralized policy management. This presents an efficient way to enable mobile Socialcast users without over-burdening IT.


Mobile application adoption in the enterprise increases workers’ productivity.

Users have come to expect their mobile business apps to provide the same level of experience as the mobile consumer apps they are used to. Ideally we would like to provide an automated, hands-off experience, where things just work.

But designing a great app is only half the battle. Layering IT requirements such as multi factor authentication and organization specific configurations create barriers to a successful mobile deployment. Pushing some of those configurations to the end users both adds another point of failure and increases support costs.

The ability to accept properties from AirWatch can and probably should be done by any enterprise mobile app that allows configurations. This, however, is only the first step in making mobile application deployment in the enterprise seamless. Typing in credentials on a tiny screen is cumbersome, and single sign on (SSO) is the holy grail for mobile applications. Extending beyond that, the mission is to break down the barriers associated with a SSO experience when it comes to the different types of applications within an enterprise ecosystem.

Whether it’s a native, hybrid or web app, AirWatch’s integration with VMware will allow for consolidated management of credentials, cookies and tokens across multiple types of apps for a truly uniform and continuous SSO experience. Stay tuned for more innovation in this area in the near future.

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