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iOS 8 Webinar follow-up Q&A

During a recent webinar, AirWatch Apple iOS Management, attendees asked several questions that the presenters didn’t get to before time ran out. Below, AirWatch's Apple product manager Nadia Hussein has provided answers to some of the most pressing questions.

The AirWatch Apple iOS Management webinar covered the new management features in iOS 8, which enterprises can enable using AirWatch. AirWatch provided same-day support for iOS 8 to enable our customers to take advantage of the features. In the webinar, an AirWatch expert goes in-depth on iOS 8 and will feature a demonstration. If you missed the webinar, sign up here for the encore, which takes place Thursday, October 23 at 11 a.m. EDT.

If you attended the webinar and still have questions, see answers to common questions below.

Will the iOS 8 devices be able to enroll in AirWatch 7.2 without the Feature Pack 04?
Yes. You will be able to enroll, but iOS 8 new MDM features are available in 7.2FP4 and higher.

Is there any upgrade that specifically benefits the use of AirWatch in education?
iOS 8 has many features that are beneficial for education, such as the ability to prevent a factory wipe on the device, configure restrictions for supervised devices, and manage PDFs, iBooks and ePub files.

Does access to VPN need an appliance or a license, or it is free of charge?
The AirWatch VPN Tunnel is included as standard in customer bundles. Support is available in AirWatch console v7.2FP06.

Will the single sign-on features support Apple’s own content stores?
Single sign-on is for managed applications and uses Kerberos authentication only.

So what’s the difference between iBooks and Secure Content Locker?
With iOS 8, iBooks now supports distribution and management of PDFs and iBooks that can be uploaded into the AirWatch console. Secure Content Locker has many features beyond distribution and management, including collaboration and annotation capabilities on a variety of file types that can be uploaded into the console or accessed from external content repositories (i.e. SharePoint, Network File Share, WebDAV). Secure Content Locker can also encrypt documentation and control 3G downloads on a per-document basis, which is helpful for customers who are conscious of their data bills.

Is there a document that lists all of the new enhancements with the release of iOS 8?
Yes. Please refer to for more information on iOS 8.

How do I sign up for AirWatch newsletters?
You can sign up for the AirWatch customer newsletter at

If my user doesn’t upgrade to latest agent, will iOS 8 work?
Yes. However, it is recommended you always stay up to date on applications.

Did you say you could supervise over wireless now?
Currently, supervision over-the-air can be completed only through Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.

Can we add managed apps remotely, even with the app store removed from the device?
Internal applications can be added remotely, even with Apple’s App Store removed from the device. Public applications require Apple’s App Store to be enabled. AirWatch offers a feature called Dynamic App Store Restriction to enable the App Store temporarily when installing a public app via MDM.

Can the end user still delete the management restriction profile?
The MDM profile can be removed from the device. If you want to prevent this, the device needs to be enrolled through Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.

We have AirWatch version Does it works with iPhone 6?
For a list of specific applications supported for iPhone 6, please refer to the MyAirWatch article at

Can an iBook be removed and then reinstalled if updated?
Yes. You can deploy managed PDFs, iBooks and ePub files to iOS 8 devices via MDM to have full management capabilities.

Does the device have to be supervised to enable always-on VPN?
Yes, always-On VPN requires the device to be supervised.

What features are not present, with regard to iOS 8, in AirWatch that would require a later version?
New iOS features require AirWatch console v7.2FP04 and higher.

Is there any way to bulk edit the device name? We have a 5 digit asset tag we would like to upload into AirWatch that would match the serial number.
You can bulk edit the device name with an Organization Group. This can be accomplished by clicking “save” under Groups & Settings / All Settings / Devices & Users / General / Friendly Name and selecting “Set Device Name to Friendly Name.”

Will there be integration for Juniper SSL-VPN in the future?
Support for Juniper VPN is currently available in the AirWatch VPN profile payload.

Is there anything new for TouchID security management?
Touch ID is integrated into our SDK in console v7.3 and SDK v4.2.

If I enable a new iOS 8 restriction, will the restriction be enabled without end users knowing?
Publishing a restrictions profile is a silent install, and the user will not be prompted with any notification.

We’re on SaaS but we have a MAG and ACC server internally, do we need to upgrade them?
No changes need to be made for MAG and ACC in order to support iOS 8.

Can the personal hotspot feature be restricted on supervised devices?
Personal hotspot can be disabled, and the status can be detected on iOS 7 and higher devices. Supervision is not a requirement.

Are there specific payload restrictions that can block or allow use of third-party keyboards?
Keyboard applications honor the managed open-in settings found under the restrictions profile payload.

What is the default state of any of the new restrictions that are added after updating the AW environment for iOS8 support?
By default, devices will not be affected by the new restrictions available in the console. The administrator will edit and republish the restrictions profile once ready to implement any new changes.

Is there anything I need to address for the iCloud Activation Lock feature?
This is handled in iOS 7.0 and 7.1 supervised devices. iOS 7.0 and higher, supervised devices have Activation Lock disabled by default and can only be enabled through MDM. iOS 7.1 and higher, supervised devices can have Activation Lock cleared as well if already enabled.

Is there a way to restrict users from updating the OS when supervised?
No, currently this is not a feature Apple supports.


Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.


  1. Larry Johnston

    Hi – I’ve just been reacquainting myself with MASS360 for a potential provisioning of corporate and BYOD. We’re likely integrating a number of iPhone 6 equipment. I’ve just learned that MASS360 does not provide for use of touch id when a passcode is selected. Does AirWatch allow for provisioning both touch id and passcodes or does the election of passcodes deny the use of touch id? Thanks LJ

    1. Maddie CookMaddie Cook

      Hi Larry,

      Thank you for reading the blog.

      To answer your question, yes, AirWatch supports the enforcement of passcode policies, as well as restricting Touch ID. Through MDM, they can be enforced independently of one another. Therefore, you can enable a passcode requirement, and then still have the freedom to choose if you want Touch ID to be restricted or not.

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