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Enterprise mobility news recap Jan 20-23

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This week we learned more about the enterprise features of Windows 10, Facebook’s success in Indonesia, Google’s breakout into the telecom industry and more.

  • Microsoft further elaborated on Windows 10 in a press conference this past Wednesday. While the release date has not yet been revealed, representatives shed light on the concept of “universal apps” and the enterprise-targeted Surface Hub was on full display throughout the presentation. Read the AirWatch breakdown of the event.
  • One of the most covered announcements from Microsoft’s Windows 10 presentation is the Hololens – a wearable that will mimic a pair of glasses but provide a “mixed reality” experience. This headset projects 3-D holograms through reflective light. See Microsoft’s video here of the product and read an account by Ben Gilbert, an Engadget writer who tested HoloLens.
  • Google may soon become a wireless carrier. The Information reported this week that Google is collaborating with T-Mobile and Sprint to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNOs) on the carriers’ network infrastructures.
  • Investment holding company Hutchison Whampoa has begun acquisition discussions with O2, a UK telecom company. The operator is up for sale for more than $15 billion.
  • Do you often wonder how to learn to love the hybrid cloud? VMware CTO Ben Fathi describes his take on the industry and how he learned to love it. The future might be “cloudy,” but the progression of cloud computing technology is taking us on an adventure.
  • Facebook is quite popular as a mobile app in Indonesia, home to a population of 62.6 million. Based off research from eMarketer that is featured on this Wall Street Journal blog post, over 98 percent of social media users in Indonesia access their social networks from their mobile phone.
  • In other Facebook news, the social network is extending its presence on the mobile phone within the enterprise with a new app, Facebook At Work. But Bloomberg Businessweek reports that it may be late to the office.
Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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