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Enterprise mobility news recap Jan 26-30

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The technology fans require for the Superbowl game this Sunday is as essential as water, according to one NFL employee, and tech companies dominate quarterly earnings headlines. Based off these snippets, technology wins the MVP of the week.

  • Fans attending the Superbowl on Sunday will enjoy internet connectivity and other modern-day necessities. As Michelle McKenna-Doyle of the NFL says, “If our fans don’t have connectivity, it’s like not having water.” The University of Phoenix stadium has been upgrading their technology in preparation for tech-savvy fans, with additions such as free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations, the Boston Globe reports.
  • PCWorld reports that Google Fiber is coming to four southeast cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and Nashville. In Google’s blog post announcing the expansion, VP Dennis Kish references President Obama’s State of the Union: “The President called for faster networks so that innovators and entrepreneurs can build the next big idea…we’re going to keep doing our part to help.”
  • Michael Finneran of Gigaom Research hosted a webinar on unified endpoint management this past week. Click here to watch the recording.
  • Apple this week reported some jaw-dropping Q4 results. As TechCrunch headlines, “Apple just had the most profitable quarter of any company ever.” Time breaks down the five most impressive numbers of the quarter, one of which includes that to date, 1 billion iOS devices have been sold.
  • The U.S. federal government is beginning to address how to approach security issues we are likely face in the IoT world. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its January 2015 staff report with recommendations on how companies ought to regulate data collection, Slate describes. As reported by Gigaom, the UK’s telecommunications regulator Ofcom has also released its approach to the large IoT network, which includes international recommendations.
  • The ability to build an app is within reach to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses now realize this – coffee shops and sandwich shops are driven to create mobile loyalty apps and incentivize their most valued customers, the New York Times reports.
  • Airwatch Academy will offer certification workshops at AirWatch Connect Barcelona. Read more about the workshop topics.
Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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