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Leading analysts to speak at AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress

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AirWatch announced today in a press release the lineup of analysts speaking at AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress March 2-5, 2015 in Barcelona. The enterprise mobility-focused event, which features exhibitors from the AirWatch mobile ecosystem and showcases new innovations in business mobility, will include sessions from the following analysts.

leif-olofLeif Olof-Wallin, Gartner

Mobility in the Enterprise: Trends and Directions in EMM and EFSS

Olof-Wallin, a research VP at Gartner, will address the challenges  business leaders face when incorporating mobility, the fastest-moving technology area facing enterprises today.

With new classes of products and services entering the market every month, mobile platforms and devices evolving faster than ever and usage patterns constantly changing, the enterprise’s ability to adapt will be constantly challenged for the foreseeable future. Multiple device ownership that used to be the exception has become the new norm, putting increased focus on how to securely provide access to information from a multitude of devices.

Olof-Wallin will share insights from his research, which focuses on enterprise mobility, to answer the following questions: What will be the key mobile and wireless technology, and market trends through 2018? How will corporations choose and use mobile technology, services, and tools to support customers and employees?

ray-wang-newRay Wang, Constellation Research

The Strategic Impact of Mobile Transformation on Business Value

Ray Wang can attest to the fact that mobility enables business transformation in motion and across time and space. In this session, Wang will unravel mobility’s ability to delivery continuity and ubiquitous experiences and bring huge opportunities for business value. Join Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research’s principal analyst and CEO as he shows how organizations deliver on mobile transformation as they build to the third generation of mobile experiences.

dan-bielerDan Bieler, Forrester Research, Inc.

Digital Business Will Benefit From The B2B Mobile Mindshift

In this session, learn why digital disruption matters to every business. According to Bieler, a principal analyst in Forrester Research’s Business Technology Futures Team, digital disruption changes the way of value creation and customer engagement. Digital technologies touch every part of business and pose new challenges for the IT business leaders. This is well documented in the B2C space, but less so in for B2B scenarios. And yet: the mobile mindshift in B2B activities opens up new opportunities for the nature of engagement with your business customers and partners. This presentation will help businesses to prepare for the digital transformation process by developing mobile moments in the business-to-business context.

John-DelaneyJohn Delaney, IDC Research

Enterprise Mobility in Europe: Achieve Greater Levels of Maturity

Twice each year, IDC takes an in-depth look at how European Heads of IT are thinking about and tackling mobility issues in their organizations. IDC uses data from this research to gauge the levels of maturity that European enterprises are attaining in their approaches to mobility. Until recently, enterprises have been reactive, focusing mainly on the potential problems of mobility in areas such as security, liability and cost. But now, IDC sees enterprise mobility entering a more mature phase: forward-looking organizations are developing strategies to tap the benefits of embracing mobility, such as higher efficiency, improved productivity and better customer service. Join John Delaney, associate vice president of mobility at IDC, to hear details of what characterizes a mature approach to mobility.

Delaney will present IDC’s latest thinking about dealing with the challenges of mobility, and about using mobility to enhance and transform a business. Points that John will cover his keynote will include:

  • How enterprises are moving to balance enablement with control, in their workers’ use of mobile technologies
  • How and why the focus of mature organisations is shifting away from mobile devices and towards mobile applications
  • How the availability of 4G mobile services is impacting enterprises’ approach to mobility

nick-mcquireNick McQuire, CSS Insight

All Things Connected: Driving Innovation Through Strategic Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things and Digital Transformation

According to McQuire, vice president for enterprise research at CSS Insight, the next 24 months will likely bring the biggest changes in enterprise computing the industry has seen.We expect large shifts in the end point and mobile OS environments, in mobile security and management, in enterprise applications as well the growing adoption of wearable computing and internet of things technologies. Most of all, changes internally within organisations will drive a more mature and consolidated phase in the market. This session will outline CCS Insight’s views on the key customer trends impacting the market as well as predictions for the market’s evolution over the next 18 months.

Attendance to all AirWatch Connect sessions is free for Mobile World Congress badge holders. Find AirWatch Connect in Mobile World Congress hall 3, booth #3D10.

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.

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