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Enterprise mobility news recap: Feb 9 – 13

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The UK embraces WiFi in transit, Barcelona event details are released

AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress is just two weeks away, and the rumor mill is revving up. Follow the AirWatch Blog these next few weeks for coverage of all things enterprise mobility at Mobile World Congress.

  • This week GSMA announced keynote speakers for MWC and AirWatch announced keynote speakers for AirWatch Connect Barcelona. The AirWatch Connect agenda was also released. Learn more about the sessions.
  • The Sesame Phone, which is designed for handicapped individuals, could ‘nod’ its way into a new market. A phone targeted for handicapped individuals, the Sesame Phone can be controlled with head gestures. The technology eliminates the need for movement in hands and fingers, an ability which is often lost in paralysis. Read this Forbes article about a naval veteran’s experience with Sesame.
  • A new design for the next Samsung phone? An HTC wearable? PC Advisor collects overheard rumors and shares predictions for new tech releases at Mobile World Congress.
  • By 2017, travelers in the UK will no longer need to stow away  phones that read “No Service” when traveling on the tube. As reported by the Telegraph, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that free WiFi will be installed on UK trains in Wales and England by 2017.
  • Darin Adcock, CIO of Dowling Aaron, tells The Business Journal that mobility in the office is a competitive advantage. Earlier this week, Frost and Sullivan awarded Dowling Aaron a CIO Impact Award in Mobility for its use of AirWatch for enablement and security.
  • The Next Web writes that mobile device users are now able to unlock their devices and switch cellular providers, thanks to the Cellular Telephone Industries Association’s (CTIA) new standards. Jailbreaking has been legal since August 2014; however, as of this week, cellular providers who follow CTIA standards will now unlock users’ devices upon request.
  • Recently appointed as AirWatch’s new business director for Latin America, John Loparco is already driving momentum in the region. Read about recent analyst recognition on both the AirWatch Global Blog and Latin America Blog.
Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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