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Introducing AirWatch 8

Update from Nov. 9, 2015: AirWatch 8.2 Has Arrived. Click Here to Learn More.

Whether you use AirWatch’s administrative console to secure and manage your company’s mobile fleet or you rely on it to get work done on your mobile devices, AirWatch 8 will help you be more productive. The latest version of the enterprise mobility management platform — the most significant update since VMware acquired AirWatch a year ago — will be available to customers later this quarter. As noted in this morning’s press release, AirWatch 8’s additions focus on two things: enabling productivity by integrating with more apps and technologies, such as Box, VMware’s Socialcast and Wistia, and simplifying management across all devices, including the ability to manage Chromebooks and a wider variety of peripherals.

In the following video, AirWatch product manager Adam Rykowski highlights the most significant updates and the company’s vision for the latest in EMM. (Read more below the video.)

AirWatch 8 will be available to customers through an upcoming environment upgrade. When the new platform is live, users will be able to access the full release notes in myAirWatch, which include a detailed account of new features. Until then, here are a few highlights:

On the Console Side

Admin Panel







  • More granular telecom expense management
  • A mobile console so administrators can manage devices, apps and content on the go
  • New capabilities for Mac OS X devices, including multiuser management, Volume Purchase Program support and the ability to push software updates
  • New policies for devices running on QNX, plus support for Chromebooks and finer management of Datamax-O’Neil and Zebra printers
  • Integration with Jasper’s IoT management platform
  • A per-app dashboard that provides detailed app statistics, prioritized deployment for internal apps to smart groups and finer version control
  • Integration with Veracode’s cloud-based app scanning platform for detailed app security assessments
  • AppleCare integration, which shows administrators the warranty status of all enrolled Mac and iOS devices from within the console
  • The ability to pre-register Intel devices running Android, which also provides users a simpler enrollment workflow, integrated into initial device setup

For Users


  • Biometric authentication with EyeVerify, which scans the veins of your eyes to unlock apps and eliminates the need for a passcode
  • A redesigned, more intuitive web enrollment interface and a more streamlined experience across devices and OSes
  • Enhanced platform integration with Box for secure content access, collaboration and document editing using AirWatch Content Locker
  • Socialcast by VMware integration with AirWatch Content Locker, which enables document sharing, previewing and downloading without leaving Socialcast
  • Two new AirWatch collaboration apps: AirWatch Chat for secure messaging and AirWatch Video, which integrates with Wistia’s content delivery network (CDN)

For more information about these and other new features and the theory behind AirWatch 8, read follow-up stories next week on the AirWatch Blog. To learn more and see a demo, register for the AirWatch 8 webinar.

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville

Lanier Norville has been writing and editing for online publications for six years. Before joining AirWatch, she was the editor of three medical technology magazines including the award-winning publication TechNation.


  1. JC

    Is there a list of Chrome OS management options for version 8 ? Would really like to see what is manageable for Chrome OS!!

  2. Toru

    I would like to know more details about AirWatch 8.0. I could not find any release notes on my-airwatch. How should I put key words on the search box or where can I find them?

  3. Mary

    I recently bought my daughters IPad off of her school when she transferred districts, is there a way to uninstall air watch off of the iPad?

    1. Blakely Thomas-AguilarBlakely Thomas-Aguilar

      Hi, Mary – our suggestion is to contact the school’s IT administrator and they’ll be able to un-enroll the iPad. Thanks!

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