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VMware launches Collaboration Bundle for content collaboration across AirWatch Content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch Video

Today VMware and AirWatch launched the VMware Collaboration Bundle, an integrated product offering that combines AirWatch Content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch Video into one solution for customers. The Collaboration Bundle gives customers a simple, intuitive and secure solution to empower employees, drives business innovation and simplifies information technology.

The innovations in the past decade have encouraged and enabled two-way communication. Companies and communities are engaging through consumer social networks like Facebook and YouTube, while friends and family are sharing photos and videos in new ways with applications like iCloud and DropBox.

Organizations want to take advantage of this new generation of collaboration while keeping corporate data safe and secure. The VMware Collaboration Bundle brings together three enterprise-grade solutions for social networking, content collaboration and video for organizations to encourage cross-company communication.

The VMware Collaboration Bundle allows companies to aggregate content across new and existing, internal and external repositories with a mobile focus. It aligns organizations with open channels of two-way communication to drive true engagement across companies, regardless of location. The bundle allows organizations to discover internal experts through social networking for real-time interaction. Above all, the collaboration bundle connects people across the organization with the right content, videos, experts and information they need to do their job efficiently and effectively. The three products of the bundle include:

– AirWatch Content Locker is an enterprise file sync and share solution that enables secure access to content anytime, anywhere. It integrates with the rest of the AirWatch product suite and more than 35 content repositories like Sharepoint and Box for secure, containerized access to documents and data anywhere and at any time.

– Socialcast is an enterprise social network that brings organizations together to work more effectively.

– AirWatch Video secures and scales enterprise video distribution by integrating with content delivery networks like Wistia.

Ovum principal analyst Richard Evans said in the press release, “As the era of the tethered employee is coming to an end, organizations are compelled to discover new ways to connect and share with employees, partners and customers. The VMware Collaboration Bundle allows enterprises to collaborate more effectively with specific individuals or groups at any given time while increasing employee engagement, a key factor in customer satisfaction. Ovum research found IT will invest even more in enterprise file sync and share, collaboration and social networking in 2015, and VMware now provides an integrated solution for organizations looking to take advantage of these productivity tools.”

To learn more about the Collaboration Bundle, visit the product spotlight page, read the press release, and register for the webinar.

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.


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