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[Video] Transforming Hybrid Cloud Security for Mobile Users

  • Gabrielle Ferree By

Today VMware unveiled a new solution that minimizes security threats from users and mobile devices inside the hybrid cloud. Through the combination of the VMware NSX network virtualization platform with AirWatch EMM and/or VMware Horizon desktop virtualization, VMware provides IT administrators the ability to micro-segment the data center network.

This ability grants users specific network access to the exact resources within the data center to which they are authorized. Before the introduction of VMware NSX, the ability to micro-segment the network in this way was not feasible nor economical. Now with this combined solution, IT can begin to address the problem of over-provisioned access to data center resources, which is common with traditional VPN gateway access. Noah Wasmer, vice president of product management and CTO, End-User Computing at VMware, explains more in this video:

To learn more about these solutions coming together to address network security and access for mobile users, visit the VMware and AirWatch booth 1315 next week at RSA 2015, April 19-23.

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.

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