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ACE founding partners describe the importance of standardizing enterprise app configuration

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In March at Connect Barcelona, AirWatch, Box, Cisco, Salesforce, Workday and Xamarin announced App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE). The program serves as an open-standards approach to enterprise app building. The EMM neutral approach incorporates enterprise needs and security concerns to create a set of standards for app developers. ACE also enables a single app version that is compatible across EMM systems.

Xamarin and Cisco are two of the founding organizations that incorporate their app building talents into the ACE program.

Xamarin is a MADP organization that provides a platform for enterprises to develop native iOS and Android apps. Steve Hall is director of enterprise mobility at the company and says that ACE is an opportunity “to look at the best practices for enterprise apps.” Before ACE, Xamarin customers had varying degrees of security needs and regulatory requirements that app developers had to continually re-build and revise. With ACE, a standardized approach is provided that has built-in security within the app platform. “The app configuration and management code required only need to be developed once to make it compatible with all EMM providers,” Hall says.

Hall explains that Xamarin chose to join ACE because it makes the app developer’s job easier.

“ACE leverages built in functionality in the operating systems which enables good practices in terms of how app developers can leverage critical enterprise features such as app configuration, single sign on and secure data. Making sure that this built-in functionality is accessible to our developers is very important to Xamarin.”

Cisco is another founding partner of the ACE program that specializes in networking and collaboration software. Cisco Jabber is a collaboration application that provides customers with instant messenger, voice, video and conferencing communication tools. Within ACE, Cisco plans to secure Jabber and make it easier for IT administrators to configure the app for their users.

Karin Wurhmann is senior product manager and described Cisco’s participation in ACE as the right direction to take. “When I show customers what other vendors have done with the multi-app approach, everyone is in agreement that we don’t want to continue in that direction. ACE’s single app approach has been very well received.”

Wurhmann said that Cisco Jabber is eager to build its integration with MAM systems to work in a less-fragmented market. “Multiple versions of the same app will have a direct impact on our roadmap velocity which ultimately doesn’t benefit our customers” Wuhrmann says. There can be many different versions of an app in Playstore or App Store and many ways to implement those apps. With ACE, Cisco is looking forward to integrating with MAM while working with a standardized app building approach and process.

For more information on the ACE program and interest in becoming a member, visit Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts and event announcements surrounding ACE.

Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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