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AirWatch Container Provides Secure, Containerized Profiles Across iOS & Android Devices

AirWatch Container version 2.0 recently hit the Apple and Google Play stores. Formerly known as AirWatch Workspace, AirWatch Container allows IT to deploy secure profiles on devices to protect corporate resources while maintaining employee privacy. The updated application simplifies the enrollment process for end users and provides IT with flexibility in EMM deployments across device and ownership types.

AirWatch Container provides secure app-level and workspace environments to separate corporate and personal data on devices. With AirWatch Container, IT can only manage the corporate applications on the device, such as email, content or browser. Employees can clearly see the division between corporate and personal personas, bringing peace of mind, which is especially important in BYOD deployment structures.

Organizations can use AirWatch Container to standardize container deployments across diverse fleets of iOS and Android devices, allowing employees to use the phones and tablets of their choice without sacrificing security and enablement. IT can deploy a mixed environment of container and MDM devices throughout the organization to provide customizable security for employees.

The AirWatch Container version 2.0 includes a redesigned user experience that greatly simplifies the enrollment process. The new setup wizard guides the user through three simple steps to authenticate, secure and configure the corporate profile on the device.

AirWatch Container version 2.0 for iOS and Android is available for download today and is included in all AirWatch management suite packages. To learn more about the containerization with AirWatch, visit

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.


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