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Colegio Mirasur prepares students for technology influenced world

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Colegio Mirasur is one of the leading educational institutions located in Madrid, Spain. The education institution teaches students ages 3-18 that ranges in grades kindergarten through high school.  In alignment with Colegio Mirasur’s mission, teachers and administrators prepare students, “for a world defined by technology and globalization,” says Pedro Sampedro, president of Colegio Mirasur. The education organization prepares students as such by providing devices to its 1,000 students. Colegio Mirasur equips students with tablets and deploys a variety of EMM products to the devices. In this latest #MobileGameChanger story, AirWatch recognizes Colegio Mirasur’s innovative use of mobility in education. (Read more below the video).

At Colegio Mirasur, students gain access to many applications through the AirWatch Catalog, share content in the Content Locker, browse the Internet with the AirWatch Browser and perform classroom activities using Teacher Tools. Thanks to mobile devices, the teaching structure has evolved, says Sampedro.“At Mirasur, we have given the students the leading role. The student is no longer just an information and content consumer, but also creator and seeker of information,” he says.

From the teacher perspective, Juana Corral Souto, an instructor in the secondary school, shares that the mobile devices and apps simplify her work. “Through the apps, [the students] submit their work to my device. I gather their homework and presentations in a much faster way. I don’t have to carry papers anymore from one place to another.”

The IT department at Colegio Mirasur has been satisfied with the ease of deployment and time management results.”AirWatch has reinvented the way you manage and deploy mobile devices, so much that we have become more efficient in our processes, and have saved more than 90 percent of IT administrators’ time,” says Gonzalo Romero, manager of Innovation Colegio Mirasur. “We can now use that time to facilitate and support teachers on-site and the development of other skills.”

To learn more about the Mobile Game Changers in Europe, read the launch blog, and read the Colegio Mirasur case study.

Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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