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Edison keeps employees plugged in with mobility

  • Scott Szymanski By

As Europe’s oldest energy provider, Edison delivers power to more than 1.5 million businesses and residential customers across the continent. It employs a workforce of more than 3,100 people to develop energy solutions in electricity, hydrocarbons and renewable resources. To improve collaboration across the ten countries where Edison operates, the company equips the workforce with mobile devices.

Edison deploys AirWatch on a role-based access control structure. On the mobile devices, Edison pushes user profiles and applications to employees with devices in the engineering, design and sales departments. For example, the sales team receives document access, workflow authorizations and sales processes. The company has found that this helps sales “achieve business goals by increasing the speed of decision-making both internally and externally,” said Alessio D’Agostino, an employee in the development architectures department at Edison.

Following its initial mobile deployment, Edison plans to explore AirWatch solutions for content management and is considering expanding its device count. “What makes us so confident in the future is knowing we have a partner with a unique focus on the world of mobility. AirWatch can implement the latest technology updates in a very short timeframe,” said Francesco Rutigliano of the innovation and application architecture department at Edison.

Watch the #MobileGameChanger video below to see how Edison is transforming its energy business through mobility. Be sure to check out the entire #MobileGameChanger series on our customer page.

Scott Szymanski

Scott Szymanski

Scott brings mobile success stories of customers around the world to the AirWatch Blog. He leads the case study and awards teams at AirWatch by VMware

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