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Frost & Sullivan shares how BYOD is “Done Right” with AirWatch and Samsung KNOX

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Frost & Sullivan released a new whitepaper titled, “BYOD Done Right is a Win-Win for Workforce Mobility” that details how to build a “compromise-free approach” to bring your own device (BYOD) mobility plans. The analyst firm reports how combining Samsung KNOX and AirWatch EMM capabilities make this approach a reality.

The whitepaper analyzes the various factions in an enterprise that cause conflict and compromise in workforce mobility: the end users (employees, contractors and business partners), business leaders and IT organizations. The whitepaper argues that these factions do not have to be at odds, instead claims that BYOD should be the default approach to mobility and with the right combination of solutions and products, a successful mobility program will follow.

Containerization from Samsung KNOX creates “a private room in a public space,” according to the whitepaper. Samsung KNOX separates the corporate data on the device from a user’s personal persona. The corporate space is controlled by IT, but does not allow access to the employee’s personal data, applications and content, creating an “iron-curtain separation” between these two spaces.

AirWatch EMM brings customizable features to Samsung KNOX. Multi-tenancy is one key aspect of deploying Samsung KNOX through AirWatch – IT can set up mobile organizations workgroups that align with how the organization is set up physically. Various applications, content and security profiles relevant to the groups’ role, level or region can be easily and automatically deployed to the right users. Other important features AirWatch brings to Samsung KNOX containerization include role-based access, terms of use, security, flexibility and simplicity.

According to the report, “The combined solutions of Samsung KNOX and AirWatch can simultaneously support the demands of both business leaders and their employees without subrogating one for the other…The tools and structure are present to assist IT in doing its job effectively and efficiently.”

To learn more about AirWatch and Samsung KNOX, visit

To read the whitepaper by Michael P. Suby, Stratecast vice president of research at Frost & Sullivan, click here.

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

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