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Scania deploys enterprise mobility to optimize customer experience

  • Adil Jaouhari By

Scania Great Britain Limited (Scania) is the local importer and wholesaler of Swedish manufactured heavy goods in the UK. The Milton Keynes-headquartered company, which owns half of the UK retail network, has increased its heavy truck market share to 17.3 percent in 2014, while its combined bus and coach market share grew to 9.7 per cent in the same year.

To help Scania’s sales force become more mobile and spend more time in front of the customer, the company introduced AirWatch-managed iPads to allow remote access to internal sales applications and corporate marketing resources. This has enabled the company’s sales employees to work from anywhere, reducing the need for them to be office-bound to complete their administrative work.

“We’ve received good feedback from our customers who appreciate being presented with dynamic marketing material such as videos and images to explain the trucks’ complex sets of features,” said Harley Carter, solutions architect at Scania. “This gives us more customer visits and hopefully increased revenues for a little cost and setup from an IT perspective.”

As part of its mobility initiative, Scania uses AirWatch MDM to track its inventory of iPads in the field, push internally developed sales applications through the AirWatch App Catalog and allow employees in the field to use remote access to access corporate shared drives.

To learn more about Scania’s mobility journey, watch the below video:

Adil Jaouhari

Adil Jaouhari

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