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AirWatch and Saaswedo team up for real time enterprise telecom expense management

  • Adil Jaouhari By

Saaswedo is a telecom expense management software that specialises in the tracking, mediation and collection of telecom expenses for enterprise mobility clients. With access to 27 international carriers, the SaaS-based company monitors telecom and mobile data usage for 10,000 international enterprise customers, backed up by local support resources in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Through its interoperability with AirWatch enterprise mobility management, Saaswedo is able to take advantage of AirWatch’s multitenancy management capabilities to monitor and document telecom and roaming data usage across an organisation’s internal sub-groupings in real time. This solution offers enterprise clients a clear, up-to-the-minute overview of telecom expenses, enabling companies to prevent bill shock and ensuring enterprise telecom budgets are optimally utilised.

Watch the below video to learn more about how Saaswedo’s intergration with AirWatch benefits the enterprise:

Adil Jaouhari

Adil Jaouhari

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