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[Video] Get Granular Mobile Security for the Enterprise

  • Scott Szymanski By

To keep mobile devices safe, AirWatch and Wandera agree that granular control is paramount. Wandera is a mobile security platform that provides malware threat control and cellular data management for  enterprises.

At AirWatch Connect Barcelona 2015, Will Fisher, enterprise sales manager at Wandera, sat down with AirWatch TV to discuss mobile security and how Wandera and AirWatch work together to achieve a safer enterprise mobility solution.

With the integration of AirWatch and Wandera, enterprises can quickly deliver granular security controls to mobile devices and help IT identify and stop malware threats in real-time. Leveraging Wandera EMM Connect, IT administrators can seamlessly deliver Wandera to mobile devices through AirWatch. Wandera then analyzes network data and presents actionable, intelligent information about data usage and threat detection for administrator reporting and control.

Watch the video below to see how Wandera and AirWatch benefit the enterprise, and visit AirWatch Marketplace to learn more about the partnership.

Scott Szymanski

Scott Szymanski

Scott brings mobile success stories of customers around the world to the AirWatch Blog. He leads the case study and awards teams at AirWatch by VMware

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