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Video: Enterprise mobility news recap: July 27-31

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Welcome back to the weekly recap. I’m Maddie Cook and today we’re going to cover the growth in biometric authentication, investment in the Asian mobile market and AirWatch support for Windows 10 and Office 365.

  • Windows 10 is out in the open! This week, the anticipated release made its way to the consumer market. As highlighted in previous AirWatch blog posts, Windows 10 introduces a unified, and mobile approach for end users.  As reported by Geekwire, Microsoft vice president Joe Belfiore commented on his new workflow with the new software. He says: “I’ve really started to get into using small tablets for work tasks…I’m finding that the range of devices is giving me a choice that fits the scenario I’m in and letting me be more productive than I was before.” Windows 10 is promoting business mobility at its best.
  • Despite the numbers this past week, investments in Asian markets continues. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, investors are specifically interested in mobile Internet companies. Other investments include partnerships with a Facebook co-founder and a Singapore state-owned capital firm called Temasek Holdings. The two are building capital to fuel the booming economy, according to Bloomberg Business with a new fund called “Golden Gate Ventures.” With $35 million already raised, the fund has already begun its investments in 20 Asian companies.
  • In a recent AirWatch webinar, iOS attendees signed up to ask their most important iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan questions. Questions ranged from beta version adoption and advice on features to test with the new software. The full recording is available to hear the answers from the AirWatch Apple experts.
  • While they may not be signing a check just yet, Wells Fargo is looking into biometric mobile security. Along with other financial service organizations and other banks, Wells Fargo joins the crew in testing customer authentication via mobile biometrics. For the past five years, Forbes shares that Wells Fargo has been working with biometrics features and other advanced technology features within their newly created innovation group.
  • A new whitepaper is available for download. Titled, “AirWatch support for Office 365”, the whitepaper details AirWatch EMM support, data protection, as well as VMware Identity Manager support so end users only have to enter credentials with single sign-on and easily access their on-premise corporate identity.

Thanks for joining us this week for the top mobility headlines. We will see you next time!

Maddie Cook

Maddie Cook

Maddie has a variety of journalism experience as a science and technology reporter, editorial editor and production manager. As a writer for the AirWatch blog, Maddie looks forward to being a resource for mobility professionals.

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