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Climbing Up: AirWatch Supports Mac OS X El Capitan Enrollment and Management Today

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AirWatch is excited to provide enrollment and management support for Mac OS X El Capitan devices today. While El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is known as one of the world’s greatest rock climbing challenges, Mac OS X El Capitan will help the enterprise better navigate laptop management through EMM solutions. AirWatch is excited to once again deliver same-day support for the latest Mac OS X release.

AirWatch support for Mac OS X El Capitan reinforces VMware’s aim to deliver any application to any device. With robust Mac Management features already in place today and expanding through the launch of Mac OS X El Capitan, AirWatch serves as the central console to manage all user devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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With every iteration of Mac OS X, Apple introduces more enterprise-ready features to help companies deploy Macs via EMM solutions like AirWatch. For the first time, many companies opted for a sneak peek of the new enterprise features through the Mac OS X El Capitan public beta. Some of the new enterprise features introduced by Apple in Mac OS X El Capitan include:

  • Users no longer need an Apple ID to install applications. Users can simply use their EMM login credentials to access corporate resources.
  • Additional security through System Integrity Protection. This prevents even users with local root access from modifying or deleting specified system files, as well as preventing potentially malicious software from modifying protected files and folders.
  • Other key restrictions for security purposes, such as the ability to restrict Safari Autofill, iCloud functionality and Spotlight suggestions.

AirWatch customers are able to enroll and manage devices running Mac OS X El Capitan today. Support for new Mac OS X El Capitan features will launch throughout the next several weeks.

To learn more about AirWatch support for Mac OS X, visit, and register for the webinar:

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.

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