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5 Secrets of World-class Mobile Field Service Organizations [Webinar]

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Have you ever wondered what some of the top organizations are doing to provide world-class mobile field service? If so, this webcast is for you:

5 Top Secrets of World-class Mobile Field Service Organizations
Thursday, November 5
2 p.m. EST

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Join thought leaders from VMware, Telogis and Field Technologies to explore the key success opportunities for a truly mobile field service organization. Our speakers will share their thoughts and first-hand experiences to help you:

  1. Establish corporate agility.
  2. Empower field workers with complete mobile business process automation.
  3. Get the right information at the right time—with the right security.
  4. Provide instant productivity with no set-up and minimal configuration.
  5. Use Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) to provide workers with “consumer-simple and enterprise-secure” applications.

Register now for this free webinar to learn from real-world case studies on how to improve field service productivity and customer service with these “top secret” tricks of the trade.


  • Kelly Frey, VP Product Marketing, Telogis Inc.
  • Mimi Spier, Sr. Director of Strategy & Business Development, Business Mobility, VMware
  • Sarah Nicastro, Editor-in-Chief, Field Technologies

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