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Free Online Business Mobility Event: Register Now for EUC Insights 2015

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EUC Insights is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be the must-attend online business mobility event of the year.

EUC Insights 2015: Challenges, Initiatives, Solutions

Free Online On-demand Event

Register free for EUC Insights 2015

What is EUC Insights?

In this free, on-demand event for IT professionals, our technology experts discuss the issues and challenges facing end-user computing experts, as well as provide insights into some of the initiatives being undertaken to enable true business mobility.

What’s On the Agenda?

  • Four specialized, topic-based tracks: Desktop Transformation, Mobile Management, Digital Workspace and Industry Solutions
  • 25 technology-based sessions
  • 3D virtual environments with interactive booths
  • Expert chat sessions, including Q&A
  • Live demos and technical deep dives
  • Unlimited access to EUC content

Sessions include industry-specific discussions on Windows 10, BYOD, micro-segmentation, Office 365, the Digital Workspace, Desktop Transformation and more.

What is the Mobile Management Track?

EUC Insights free online registrationFor enterprise mobile leaders and administrators, EUC Mobile experts take you through the hottest topics in business mobility, including:

  • Driving Productivity with the VMware Collaboration Bundle
  • AirWatch 101: Simplifying Enterprise Mobility
  • Putting Android to Work: Explore the Latest Capabilities
  • Managing Your Laptops in a Mobile Framework
  • Enterprise Innovations for Apple: iOS and Mac OS X
  • Containerizing Corporate Data with AirWatch

Who is Speaking at EUC Insights?

The keynote is the cannot-miss session for all attendees,spanning across every enterprise aspect that makes up a truly mobile enterprise: desktops, mobile, digital workspaces and industry-specific solutions. As the end-user computing landscape continues to evolve, we look at how operating system improvements are breaking complex models of management and providing a new unified end-point management that seamlessly spans all devices and applications.

Here are the thought leaders that share their insights to help your business overcome challenges, build the right end-user computing initiatives and deliver purpose-built solutions across your organization.

  • Sanjay Poonen: EVP & General Manager, End-User Computing
  • Noah Wasmer: CTO & VP of Products, End-User Computing
  • Shawn Bass: CTO – Desktop Technologies, End-User Computing
  • Rory Clements: Director – Solution Engineering, End-User Computing

How Do You Register?

Registration is as simple as clicking the button below and providing your information. Did we mention that this event is free? Sign up today!

 VMware business mobility free registration

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