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What is the Future of Mobile Security? [FREE WEBINAR]

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Mobile security is in its infancy, yet this universal threat is one of the most dynamic, rapidly changing concerns in the modern connected enterprise. Understanding where we came from is important to knowing where mobile security is going in the future.

In an exclusive webinar, guest leading mobile and application security expert Tyler Shields of Forrester Research will walk us through his assessment of mobile security TODAY and what he predicts is the FUTURE of the mobile threat and technology landscape.

BONUS: Tyler provides actionable advice you can take into your businesses NOW to build your mobile security program from inception to predicting future attacks.

Mobile Security in 2015 & Beyond

Date: Thursday, November 12
Time: 1 PM EST
Register here:

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About the Speaker

Tyler Shields, Principal Analyst Forrester Research
Tyler is a leading expert on mobile and application security topics, having researched a diverse set of topics including creating a BYOD policy, the mobile security stack, the impact of mobile malware on privacy, reverse engineering binary applications, rootkits and anti-debugging technologies, and, most recently, a programmatic approach to securing your mobile application ecosystem. Tyler focuses his research time and energy around both corporate business strategy and the technologies used in securing the rapidly converging mobile and application threat landscape. He is based in Raleigh, N.C.

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