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GlaxoSmithKline Protects Data & Increases Productivity with Business Mobility from AirWatch

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“Our business is based on patents and innovation, and ensuring the security of our intellectual property is always on top of our agenda.” —Wojciech Kulpa, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

With such pressing business requirements on large organizations operating in the highly regulated healthcare industry, companies like GSK are turning to business mobility to drive enterprise innovation and increase employee productivity—all while observing stringent government regulations around data protection and patient privacy.

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As a leading pharmaceutical, vaccination and health products manufacturer, GSK is expected to maintain the safety of client records while making electronic patient data readily available to healthcare professionals at the point of care. To reduce the possibility of data loss, the healthcare organization uses AirWatch enterprise mobility management (EMM) to create appropriate user and device profiles through which employees have access to required resources.

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As part of its business mobility initiative, GSK enables employees to use a corporate application catalog, which has more than 200 internal applications designed for different market requirements and business units within the company.

To enable safe and reliable document sharing practices across the organization, GSK empowers employees with enterprise file sharing application AirWatch Content Locker. The content management application integrates with the company’s content repositories, permitting employees to access and use information they need while away from the office.

With business mobility from AirWatch, GSK observed an increase in productivity through greater client service and more employee interaction and sharing. Leveraging corporate resources from mobile devices, employees can more effectively communicate product information to clients and stay informed while on the road.

In a bid to further enhance employee productivity, GSK is developing internal applications that will be accessible to its workforce on-the-go. The company also plans to introduce AirWatch Content Locker Collaborate and AirWatch Browser functionality into its business mobility deployment.

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Adil Jaouhari

Adil Jaouhari

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