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This Week’s Mobile Headlines: VMware KOs Unproductive Work Email with Boxer Acquisition

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Plus All the Dell + EMC News, AT&T NumberSync, Scary Mobile Security Stats & More

VMware KO’s unproductive work email with Boxer acquisition news.
VMware announced its plans to acquire Boxer, Inc., a mobile email app that lets mobile users swipe left and right to read, organize and manage their hectic inboxes. By incorporating Boxer into the AirWatch business mobility suite, TechCrunch reporter Ron Miller wrote: “AirWatch now covers it all, providing a smarter email app for companies that want it along with security for whatever other mobile apps they happen to be using.”

Dell announced its intent to acquire EMC. What does that mean for end-user computing?
This biggest headline this week was clearly the Dell-EMC announcement with its $67 billion price tag. The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, New York Times, Bloomberg and many more commented on the news this week. For us here at AirWatch—and hopefully you, our readers—one of our favorite articles this week was this one from Colin Steele @ TechTarget, who wrote, “With VMware in its corner, Dell could set itself apart, offering one-stop shopping for IT departments that want to embrace the next generation of endpoint management.”

One number to ring them all: AT&T reveals its new NumberSync tech.
According to AT&T’s blog this week, the could be first to market with tech that connects all your phone calls across multiple devices—meaning that even when your smartphone’s battery is dead or you just can’t find the dang thing, you can take calls and answer texts on your tablet or smartwatch. Pretty cool, right? And according to InformationWeek, T-Mobile and Sprint are right on AT&T’s heels.

NYT reports that Apple will deactivate its News app in China.
A source told the NYT that because of China’s strict media and censorship rules, Apple will deactivate its newly announced Apple News app for users in China—even if you’re traveling there on business from the U.S.

cyber attackerWorried about mobile security? Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Just in time for Halloween, these 23 disturbing statistics about mobile security will have you shaking in your boots … or flip flops … or Converses. 1,023,108,267 records breached in 2014. 75% year-over-year increase in U.S. mobile malware rates in 2014. 75% or more mobile apps would fail basic security tests.
Get all the stats here.

The Digital Workspace brings on-demand, mobile-cloud computing to the real world.
Sanjay Poonen of VMware doubled down on the future of end-user computing and business mobility at this week’s VMworld Europe. He highlights some key case studies, including empowering educational parity in impoverished schools, digitizing patient care and records in hospitals and helping airlines boost productivity and go green with digital flight manuals and FAA requirement updates.
Read Sanjay’s VMworld Europe blog here.

Last but not least, 10 must-have mobile productivity apps for work.
Check out these free apps and start being more productive on your smartphone and/or tablet today.
Get the list here.

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