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10 Mobile Innovations We’re Thankful For This Season

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If you’ve ever been to an AirWatch Connect event, you know driving business innovation is our business at AirWatch. Our best innovations have been a result of strategic partnerships, responding to industry disruption and anticipating what’s next in technology and business.

In other words, we love seeing innovation all around us, because when others push the limits of what’s possible, we have a better foundation to innovate upon, too. So in the spirit of gratitude this holiday season, here are just 10 of the many mobile innovations we’re thankful for this year.

1.  Windows 10

Windows Start MenuMicrosoft’s new operating system (OS) platform takes a giant leap forward for mobility and brings OS technology to where users increasingly are—their mobile devices. Universal applications, continuous updates and mobile-first management features all help IT create a more seamless user experience across devices without compromising data security. Here at AirWatch, we’re extending management features and support to Windows 10 users to help further mobile agility and business innovation.

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2. OS X El Capitan

Mac users also received an OS upgrade with the release of OS X El Capitan. Split View, Mission Control and more help users multitask, organize windows, find context and search information faster and easier than ever. We’re pretty keen on new additions that improve the DEP process, app distribution and data security, too.

3.  iOS 9

OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 changed up the enterprise mobility game in a big way. For the first time, users no longer need Apple IDs to install new apps. Instead, users only need their enterprise mobility management (EMM) login to get new apps, which simplifies both the user experience and strengthens EMM control and oversight. Alongside OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 was also the first new iOS release that offered pre-release versions to the public.

4.  Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow’s new management and privacy features sweeten both mobile management and user experience. Google Now on Tap, fingerprint scanning and app permission controls are like little Android gifts to employees and employers alike.

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5.  Samsung KNOX 2.4

samsung knoxSince its initial release in 2013, Samsung KNOX has provided Android users with containerization technology to defend enterprise data and uphold user privacy. The latest version, KNOX 2.4 (supported by AirWatch), offers even better out-of-the-box, defense-grade mobile security. The platform makes it easy for employees to bring their Android devices to work and for IT teams to honor something increasingly important to productivity at work: user choice.

6.  AirWatch Privacy First

Awarded the prestigious HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award for Most Innovative Privacy Technology, this AirWatch initiative provides IT teams with a better way to balance one of the most challenging opposing forces in workforce mobility programs: enterprise data security and end-user privacy. By putting more powerful privacy controls in the hands of employers and providing more transparency to employees, AirWatch Privacy First helps companies avoid the disconnect that often stunts the growth of enterprise mobility.

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7.  Coca-Cola Freestyle

Using AirWatch technology, Coca-Cola has reimagined the soft drink experience and turned fountain machines into smart, remotely managed mobile devices. The customized, mix-and-match Coca-Cola Freestyle machines rely on mobility and connectivity to transfer consumption data, maintain product stock and offer a more engaging consumer experience. With AirWatch, Coca-Cola Freestyle has the reliability and dependability to be responsive, shift to customer demands and update content in real time, and we’re excited to see what ordinary objects will be inspired to become smart, game-changing innovations next.

8.  App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE)

Enterprise app developers no longer need to create multiple apps to accommodate varying EMM systems used across enterprises. In partnership with major tech companies, AirWatch created an open-standards approach for building enterprise apps that, by simplifying app development, will speed up innovation in enterprise apps.

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9.  Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft’s speedy, bendy laptop innovation, Surface Book, marries the flexibility of tablets (with features like a 360-degree hinge and a detachable keyboard) with the popularity of the traditional laptop form. This “ultimate laptop” design provides everything workers still depend upon to get work done today—storage, power and accessories—and the option of tablet-like mobility. Surface Book delivers the future of laptops now, with a glimpse of a post-laptop work world.

10.  iPad Pro

Apple’s largest, most powerful tablet to date, the iPad Pro continues our march onward and upward towards a device that truly replaces the laptop. The tablet-first iPad Pro progresses the use of tablets for work with a sensory screen and optional keyboard, multitasking capabilities so you can work in multiple mobile apps at once and other functionalities that enhance productivity for enterprise users—and make it a certain addition to your company’s mobile fleet.

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Ashley Speagle

Ashley Speagle

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