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5 Amazing Customer Stories of Innovation & Market Leadership through Business Mobility

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Our customers use AirWatch in incredibly innovative ways, many to empower their users with purpose-built business mobility that improves mobile productivity and secures business-critical data. Others completely transform their processes and businesses, innovating in such amazing ways that their industries will never be the same.

Here are five of our new-favorite AirWatch customer stories:

1. Miroglio Fashion Increases In-store Online Sales Using AirWatch Managed Mobile Devices

retail EMM AirWatch case studyMiroglio Fashion is the clothing division of Miroglio Group, based in Alba, Italy, with subsidiaries all around the world. The company owns 11 brands, including Motivi, Caractere, Oltre, Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino and operates a network of 1,300 stores worldwide.

“The customer service improvement and real-time access to our eCommerce website through AirWatch-managed mobile devices has led to a significant increase in online sales finalized in stores.” —Luciano Manini, Miroglio CTO

Read Miroglio’s business mobility story here.

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2. Gulf Air’s AirWatch-enabled Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Project Increases Efficiency & Improves Knowledge Access

To reduce printing costs, improve access to up-to-date ­flight data and optimize pilots’ productivity, Gulf Air decided to adopt an IT solution capable of enabling pilots to securely access the latest ­flight documentation electronically. After researching the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market, the airline chose AirWatch to manage devices as part of its electronic fl­ight bag (EFB) project to bring pilots remote digital access to critical international maps, fl­ight paths, passenger information and payload data.

“Our systems reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and improve access to information where it is most needed. The AirWatch-managed electronic flight bags meet these requirements, helping bring technological advances of computer information delivery and management to the flight deck.” —Captain Nasser Al Salmi, Gulf Air COO

Read Gulf Air’s innovative mobility story here.

3. GlaxoSmithKline Increases Employee Productivity across the Globe with AirWatch

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the leading companies in the healthcare industry, with branches in 180 countries around the world. Within three years of using AirWatch to secure mobile devices and enable employees with access to critical information from anywhere, GSK deployed more than 31,000 iPads managed by AirWatch in 180 countries.

“The AirWatch solution allows us to control our resources on a global scale. From a single console, we can precisely monitor the activities carried out on all devices.”—Wojciech Kulpa, GSK Mobile MGMT service manager

Read GlaxoSmithKline’s transformational story here.

4. BearingPoint & AirWatch: Mobility as a Productivity Factor

EMM AirWatch schools case studyBusiness mobility is critical for the 3,700 employees of BearingPoint, a European firm delivering IT and business consulting. Located across 20 countries, the company’s consultants travel the world to meet clients from major companies of the public and private sector.

“The concept of a self-service portal that makes each user autonomous, with functions such as remote data deletion, smartphone enrollment (and) temporary locking of a device or ticket-incident opening enormously lightened the work of IT services” —Julien Royer, BearingPoint head of IT security.

Read BearingPoint’s enterprise mobile management story here.

5. Trinidad & Tobago International Finance Centre Delivers Secure BYOD Environment with AirWatch

While Trinidad and Tobago is known for its oil and gas production and beaches, the Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre (IFC) is fostering greater recognition for the country as an emerging international financial hub. Trinidad and Tobago IFC chose AirWatch to secure its mobile fleet, build its BYOD initiative and keep devices connected to corporate resources from anywhere.

“The flexibility and ease of use with AirWatch is excellent. We are able to get any mobile device up and running in minutes. AirWatch makes it easy for employees to use their preferred device, while IT can rest assured that security and manageability are covered.” —Alphanso Williams, Trinidad and Tobago IFC IT administrator

Read Trinidad and Tobago IFC’s innovative BYOD story here.

How is your company using AirWatch to drive new initiatives and innovations within your business? Share you stories with us here for a chance to be featured on the blog.

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