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16 Tweet-imonials We’re Thankful for This Season

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Here at AirWatch, we get feedback on social media from customers, partners, analysts, media and even employees every day. And as the Social Media Manager for EUC at VMware, I relish those positive “tweet-imonials” that let us know we’re on the right track and really making a difference for our customers and end users. So for Thanksgiving this year, I’ve compiled my own personal list of the top 16 tweets that made my day in 2015.

1. The announcement of Project Enzo earlier in the year was a big moment for the EUC team, and it created a lot of buzz in the industry. This was one of the first Horizon announcements that I managed social for, so it was great to see such positive feedback and see our customers have genuine interest and excitement about it.

2. Me, too, Nathaniel. Me, too.

3. Announcing and releasing VMware Identity Manager was another huge step forward for us this year in simplifying and improving the end-user experience. I can’t wait to hear more feedback on this in the future as more of our customers start to deploy it.

4. These kinds of tweets really make me proud to work for AirWatch and VMware. I love hearing about all the innovative ways our customers are using technology in their industries, but hearing about students gaining new learning opportunities because of our technology is especially invigorating for me.

5. Jeff Ross at Humana is one of our biggest Socialcast advocates, and he and his team have done some awesome things within their internal community. If you’re interested in learning more about enterprise social networking and collaboration, his case study submission that won Humana the PR Daily Award for “Best Executive Communications” is definitely worth a read.

6. I was at this session at VMworld, as well—the room was packed, and Shawn Bass highlighted just about all of the EUC core focuses in 2015 in just 30 minutes. I don’t know how Brian Madden was able to get it all down so fast, but his post here is one of the best and most helpful session recaps from VMworld 2015 that you’ll find.

7. Otherwise known as Project A2, the App Volumes + AirWatch combo got a ton of people excited at VMworld this year. Knowing how hard the whole EUC team worked to put an integration like this together, seeing reactions like this one from Jack Madden are totally priceless.

8. The combo of NSX with VMware EUC products is one of the things that I was most excited about in 2015, and I think it will continue to be huge for our customers in 2016. Simon hit the nail on the head with this tweet.

9. As an AirWatch employee who was here the day we were acquired by VMware, seeing the story of VMware + AirWatch unfold in 2015 has been really exciting and interesting to watch from the inside. I was very proud that attendees at VMworld—some of whom don’t even work with EUC solutions—got to see that, as well, and that it resonated with them.

10. This idea of focusing on people over technology is one of the core principles that truly guides all of us at VMware. Noah Wasmer did a great job of articulating and demonstrating this in his AirWatch Connect keynote.

11. Security is at the top of everyone’s minds this year, and it’s only going to continue gaining importance in the enterprise. The Mobile Security Alliance (MSA) was a huge step forward for us to partner with other tech leaders in the space to benefit our customers and end users.

12. If you’ve ever used a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, you’ve been a part of the Internet of Things revolution. There are so many new and fascinating use cases involving connected devices, but the Coca-Cola session at AirWatch Connect Atlanta was one of the coolest that I’ve heard. If you didn’t get a chance to see it in person, you can watch it here.

13. Going back to the core principle of focusing on people over technology, AirWatch announced the Privacy First Initiative this year and then won an award from the prestigious IIAP organization for it. Privacy will continue to be a key topic of conversation in 2016, and we love to hear how we’re helping IT communicate more clearly about privacy with their users.

14. If you haven’t downloaded the Boxer app yet, you’re seriously missing out on the best mobile email experience. On the day VMware acquired Boxer, we got lots of supportive tweets like this one saying that our focus on the user experience is an essential component to our customers’ success.

15. This year, we announced the ACE initiative and added some of the biggest names in the tech industry as partners. ACE now has over 40 members who are all dedicated to creating and implementing standards for mobile application configuration, security and management in the enterprise.

16. I’ll end the list on a throwback picture from February. This is one of my favorite tweets of the year because it makes me step back and think of everything that we’ve accomplished in the past year with VMware. From all of the announcements and new products we launched to the analyst recognition and positive customer feedback; from the excitement at events like VMworld and AirWatch Connect, it’s been a crazy, successful and groundbreaking year for all of us. And none of it would be possible without the support of the VMware community of partners, customers, vExperts, media, analysts and employees. So this Thanksgiving season, all of us at VMware are thankful for you!

Whether you’re following one or all of our EUC brands—@AirWatch, @VMwareHorizon and @Socialcast—on social media, know that you’re a valued member of our community and we love to hear your feedback! Tweet at us with product feedback, content suggestions and your thoughts on the EUC market, interesting articles you’ve read or written yourself or just a note to say hi!

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Chelsea Curtis

Chelsea Curtis

Chelsea manages social media for AirWatch and shares updates about events, trending topics and news on the AirWatch Blog. She most enjoys meeting the customers, partners and prospects that she interacts with each day during AirWatch Connect events.

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