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Looking Back on 2015: Business Mobility News We’re Thankful For

As those of us in the U.S. prepare to get together with family and friends for annual Thanksgiving feasts, here on the AirWatch Blog we are looking at the past year and counting our (corporate) blessings.

At AirWatch, I work with our executives, product managers, marketing teams, partners and customers to help share our stories through news articles, press releases, blog posts and more. Being in the middle of enterprise mobility industry news, it never ceases to amaze me how constantly not only AirWatch and VMware are innovating, but also how rapidly our industry is transforming the way we work.

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That transformation is entirely evident in the news we announced throughout 2015. Not every tech company (or PR person!) can say they’ve made announcements alongside giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Oracle, Samsung and Salesforce or upstarts like Box, Dropbox, Workday, DocuSign and more—all in the same year.

So, with Thanksgiving tomorrow, here are five pieces of news from AirWatch I am thankful for this year:

  1. AirWatch Supports Windows 10 to Manage All Devices (Yes, Laptops Too!)
    • Why you as an IT pro can be thankful: For years, AirWatch has helped organizations dramatically simplify the deployment, enrollment and management of their mobile fleet. Our customers tell us they can have one IT person for every 3,000 mobile devices—a huge increase from the average one IT person per 250 desktops. With Windows 10, organizations can now manage their Windows 10 laptops and desktops just as they have managed smartphones and tablets for years. Imagine what your IT departments can accomplish by bringing the simplicity of mobile management to the traditional PC management realm.
    • Why I’m thankful: Our entire goal at AirWatch is to be a central, unified console for IT admins to manage their entire fleet of mobile devices. With Windows 10, we can now fully add PCs running the new software to that fleet. Windows 10 is a major testament to Satya Nadella’s open model that adapts quickly to the changing technology landscape and delivers that simplicity to its customers together with partners. Also, it was great to see Microsoft’s Jim Alkove on stage with Sanjay Poonen at VMworld in a “Reagan/ Gorbachev” moment.

  1. AirWatch Launches Privacy First Program
  • Why you as an IT pro can be thankful: One of the most crucial ways to drive business transformation with mobility is employee adoption. With AirWatch Privacy First, our hope is that your employees, contractors and other stakeholders using AirWatch will be fully educated about what the software is—and is not—doing on a device. Privacy First will help users attain peace of mind knowing that their device—and their personal information—is secure.
  • Why I’m thankful: My former employer was (and still is) an AirWatch customer, and I was there during our initial rollout. We got to choose our devices from a list and received them with instructions to install AirWatch (this was before DEP and other pre-enrollment features were available). I was so excited to ditch my ‘berry that I didn’t think twice about installing AirWatch, but I do know that users (especially those in BYOD situations) have questions when installing security software on their devices. Privacy First helps educate users about what AirWatch is and what it’s doing on the device to help mitigate concerns when rolling out mobile security software to users.
  1. AirWatch + NSX = Device to Data Center Security
  • Why you as an IT pro can be thankful: With network virtualization and enterprise mobility management together, you can radically simplify and protect your data center. With a single click of a button, you can dynamically alter and micro-segment access to resources within the data center. If you haven’t seen this revolutionary technology yet, check out the demo here:

  • Why I’m thankful: Throughout this process I learned about VMware NSX networking virtualization—an incredible technology and one of VMware’s fastest growing businesses. What was even more eye-opening was the power of network virtualization plus enterprise mobility management to protect data from the device all the way into the data center. The joint AirWatch + NSX solution became the first to provide this major security benefit to our customers, and it also showcased AirWatch’s value in the industry and in the VMware family beyond business mobility.
  1. AirWatch + Other App Leaders Launch ACE to Standardize Enterprise App Development (and the Community Expands and Expands Again)
  • Why you as an IT pro can be thankful: ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) is a community that provides best practices around native capabilities in iOS and Android in order to drive a more consistent, open and simple way to configure and secure mobile apps and drive mobile adoption. More than 45 app innovators have joined ACE since it was founded in March 2015, and because of this, you in IT can more simply and securely deploy many of the world’s most popular enterprise apps without the need for propriety SDKs.
  • Why I’m thankful: In our consumer lives, we download an app, register and/or login with a social media site to get access. In our corporate lives, it’s not that simple—we have to somehow be a technical wizard and know all sorts of data and port information to configure our apps. ACE automates the setup, login and registration process for EMM users using configurations defined by the operating systems themselves. Users don’t even need to enter their username and password for many ACE apps, making the registration and access process even easier than consumer apps—a rare feat.
  1. VMware Brings Together AirWatch Content Locker, Socialcast and AirWatch Video into One Collaboration Bundle
  • Why you as an IT pro can be thankful: The VMware Collaboration Bundle is an easy, secure and integrated way to bring together social and content to your end-user computing initiatives. The bundle brings your organization a platform that encourages collaboration and teamwork, allowing you to more easily distribute content, videos, training materials and resources to your employee base (did I mention this is all done in a secure and integrated fashion?).
  • Why I’m thankful: I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m married to AirWatch. Well, almost—my husband works at AirWatch, too. In his sales role, he constantly tells me how much Socialcast improves his daily work life. Our sales and engineering teams are constantly collaborating, asking questions, getting answers and sharing best practices on Socialcast. He says Socialcast is one of his most crucial tools for getting work done. Bringing together Socialcast with our industry-leading EFSS and enterprise video platforms enables even more organizations to experience the transformational effects and enterprise-grade security of business productivity apps.

Let me know what you think: do you agree this is news to be thankful for? Let me know what you’ve liked the most this year in the comments.

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Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle Ferree

Gabrielle shares the latest product updates and news for the AirWatch Blog. She also leads AirWatch media relations and enjoys sharing stories that impact the enterprise mobility industry.


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