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5 Questions with the Socialcast App Team: Enterprise Collaboration at the Next Level

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“Appy Holidays” Series Delves into the Power of Leveraging the Modern Worker’s “Passions, Imaginations and Ingenuity” for Business Growth

For our 10th enterprise app feature in the AirWatch Blog’s Appy Holidays series, we were delighted to sit down with Jens Koerner, AirWatch Appy Holidays logodirector of product development for the popular business collaboration app, Socialcast.

Here’s what Jens had to say about the power of collaboration in the enterprise, what we can expect from Socialcast in 2016 and how people are redefining “work” through real-time and near-time digital collaboration.

Q: Who needs your app and why? 

Jens: The Socialcast app is for organizations that want to drive collaboration and create business value by tapping deeper into the passions, imaginations and ingenuity of employees. Socialcast is a leading private, enterprise social network that brings people, conversations and projects together in one place. Our app offers a modern way to connect and engage with others in the workplace, where the people and information you need are instantly accessible on any device and always in context. By organizing the daily flow of work into a single location, this empowers teams to work smarter and accomplish more.

Q: What role does your app play in the mobile enterprise?

Jens: Mobile, social and cloud technologies have helped create a hyper-connected world that is fundamentally changing the way we work, learn and play. Employees expect the same technology choices and freedoms at work that they enjoy in their personal lives. These expectations for mobile and social-enabled workflows requires companies to adopt new technologies that are secure, scalable, cost-effective and easy to use.

The Socialcast app enables real-time communication and lets you discover and connect with the people and information you need to work more effectively. Our user-friendly collaboration platform supports core social functionality that people use every day, such microblogging, uploading pictures and documents, and group chats, but contains the added security and compliance layer that is important to the enterprise. Socialcast will truly transform the way you work.

Q: What are your top three favorite features?

socialcast ipad iphone collaborationJens: Personally, the Socialcast app allows me to stay productive even when I am not at my computer. Every morning during my commute, I open the Socialcast app to review posts and files that my team across the globe has been working on. It allows me to catch up and mentally triage the tasks I need to accomplish for the workday, so I can hit the ground running as soon as I get to my desk. I rely on push notifications to alert me when someone @mentions me or an important company broadcast message is sent out throughout the day. I can quickly respond to questions or issues that need my attention, drastically reducing the time to resolution. When I am running late to a meeting or have a quick question for a colleague, I can send them a secure and instant chat through the app, knowing they’ll receive an immediate notification. However, the best thing about these features is that all the conversations, documents and chats all stay in context and flow seamlessly between every device.

Q: Any teasers on what you have coming in 2016?

Jens: The Socialcast team is always innovating and looking to address new challenges in the workplace. Socialcast understands that the next generation of collaboration tools will need to enable users to triage their work, collaborate with teams and source experts/share knowledge—it needs to be an integral part of the daily workflow. We’re excited to reveal that we have a major redesign underway to address the shift in collaboration needs of the modern enterprise, while maintaining a strong emphasis on user experience. Stay tuned for more news around this!

Q: If you had to describe your app in five words or less, what would you say?

Jens: Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Learn more about Socialcast by visiting their website at, and learn how you can join the ACE community of enterprise app partners and developers at

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Jens AirWatchAbout Jens Koerner, Head of Product Management & Design for Socialcast, VMware’s Enterprise Social Network

In addition to managing the product management and design teams, Jens also leads the customer success and product analytics teams at Socialcast by VMware. Before becoming a product strategist for VMware’s End User Computing business unit, Jens was a product manager at SAP.

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