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7 Questions Answered about AirWatch & the Samsung KNOX Workspace

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mireia Aguilera of Samsung Electronics and chat with her about AirWatch and the Samsung KNOX Workspace. She answered seven key questions about AirWatch Samsung KNOX Workspace capabilities, just in time for our upcoming webinar and virtual product demo:

AirWatch & Samsung KNOX: Latest Security and New Management Features

Thursday, December 10 @ 1 p.m. EST
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1. What is the Samsung KNOX Workspace?

Mireia: Samsung KNOX is a defense-grade mobile security platform built into the devices, and provides a hardware-rooted trusted environment for the protection of enterprise data. The Samsung KNOX Workspace is designed to provide protection of work data through the separation and encryption of files and applications. The separation of work and personal content on the device allows for protection of enterprise data from multiple types of mobile malware.

2. What are the most common use cases for implementing the Samsung KNOX Workspace?

Mireia: The Samsung KNOX Workspace is designed to meet the security needs of enterprises of various sizes. Implementing the Samsung KNOX Workspace provides the following:

  • Separation of work and personal data – support of dual persona
  • Defense grade security for government agencies and highly regulated industries

3. How does containerization implemented with the Samsung KNOX Workspace function in AirWatch?

Mireia: The separation of work and personal data on the phone ensures that the enterprise data on the mobile device is secured webinar register reminder buttonwithin the Samsung KNOX Workspace. The workspace provides its own environment with its own home screen and widgets. Applications outside the workspace cannot access data within the workspace using Android inter-process communication or data-sharing methods, including copying and pasting data. All data written by apps in the secure workspace is protected.

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4. What are the different modes that the Samsung KNOX Workspace can be implemented?

Mireia: The KNOX Workspace can be implemented in the following modes:

  • Dual persona: work and personal mode, with the end user being able to switch between both modes.
  • Container only mode: this locks the device into the container only, with no access to the personal side.

5. What are the different features supported within the Samsung KNOX Workspace?

samsung knoxMireia: KNOX Workspace devices have been certified by various institutions and agencies as meeting the security requirements stipulated. Some of the certifications are:

  • FIPS 140-2 Certification
  • DISA Approved STIG T
  • Common Criteria Certification
    • Trusted Boot, TIMA, and SE for Android protect the operating system and platform services from malware attacks and hacking
    • Real-time kernel protection against malicious kernel attacks

KNOX Workspace also enables:

  • Hardware-backed storage for cryptography keys and client certificates
  • Enterprise-controllable data sharing between personal space and enterprise container
  • Application management and application control via blacklists, white lists and required apps
  • A multi-vendor VPN framework that allows a variety of third-party clients, including SSL VPN. The per-application VPN features enables enterprises to enforce secure VPN connectivity only for corporate apps

6. What devices support the Samsung KNOX Workspace?

Mireia: A full list of supported devices can be found here.

7. How can I manage the devices using the Samsung KNOX license?

Mireia: The Samsung KNOX Workspace license is required for enabling the KNOX Workspace during the enrollment of devices. Along with the license, a KNOX profile for passcode or email can be sent down for creating the KNOX Workspace. The AirWatch console can help the IT admin manage the EMM capabilities within the KNOX Workspace, as well as manage the workspace passcode by clearing and changing it.

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About Mireia Aguilera

mireia aguilera samsungMireia Aguilera is Strategic Alliance Manager at Samsung Electronics. She is currently responsible for driving EMM partnerships globally. She is also responsible for building and developing the joint GTM Strategy and joint product integration.

She joined Samsung in 2012, and during that time, she helped to launch Samsung strategic solutions and smartphones across Europe. She moved to the US in 2014 to join the global team and continue her passion of enabling business mobility in organizations around the world.

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