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This Enterprise App Removes the Risk in Content Collaboration

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Mobile content collaboration doesn't have to be a risk. Today's Appy Holidays feature spotlights a truly secure solution.

Sure, mobile content collaboration makes life easier and more productive for employees, but how do companies get around the risks and ensure privacy in BYOD environments?

In today’s Appy Holidays spotlight on AirWatch Content Locker, a secure content collaboration solution, Product Manager Sanjay Satagopan answers five questions on the enterprise app and how it makes the seemingly impossible, possible.

Q: Who needs your app and why?

AirWatch Content LockerSanjay: Across industries, businesses are solving two major dilemmas: the need for speed and security. On one hand, enterprises need a way to get an increasingly dispersed workforce collaborating and sharing information at an even faster pace. On the other hand, companies constantly worry about the fast and free exchange of their corporate data as new security threats and vulnerabilities are revealed in the news.

Content Locker provides a way for companies to achieve both. This enterprise app is for anyone that wants to enable their end users to be productive on the go while ensuring the security of their intellectual property. With Content Locker, end users can access, edit, collaborate on and create corporate materials in a secure environment.

Q: What are the biggest trends impacting your industry in 2016?

Sanjay: Enabling enterprise security and assuaging the privacy concerns of end users is a huge necessity and challenge, particularly as BYOD grows and demands a partition between user and corporate data on employee-owned devices.

Most businesses now know the benefits of deploying mobile solutions like content collaboration. Now, they’re looking not just for tools to share content but also secure and control devices and minimize the risk of data loss. VMware’s 2015 Business Mobility Report found those to be among the top three challenges to business mobility worldwide.

This is where Content Locker especially shines. Our solution is the only one on the market developed on a true enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform.

Q: Any teasers on what you have coming in 2016?

Sanjay: We are highly focused on delivering end-user simplicity for our app; we’ll have some exciting news to share with everyone early January, so stay tuned. We want to make it as easy as possible to enable mobile productivity and achieve customer delight.

We’ve already taken a huge step towards this ongoing goal when we launched the VMware Collaboration Bundle in 2015. By integrating AirWatch Content Locker with Socialcast by VMware and AirWatch Video, the bundle helps employees easily share not just content but also conversations and videos within one ecosystem to enhance teamwork and collaboration.

It’s just one of the many enhancements that has maintained AirWatch’s and VMware’s leadership status in mobile content collaboration.

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Q: What business process does your app help streamline and/or empower?

Sanjay: AirWatch Content Locker facilitates numerous business processes for dispersed teams and widespread collaborators, including the deployment of training materials to employees, updating sales or marketing collateral for field personnel, allowing remote employees to upload content from the field and much more.

Content Locker also makes it more effective for employees to collaborate with the people sitting right beside them, across lines of business. Instead of finding ways to share and view large content files on their own, Content Locker provides a dedicated, reliable, secure place to do so, and when companies replace paper processes with digital solutions like this, they not only save expenses but also drive agility.

Q: What do you think the biggest mobility challenge will be in 2016?

Sanjay: Making the user experience uniform across device type, be it laptop or mobile device, is the next big hurdle for the mobile business. The end user should be able to achieve the same level of productivity, regardless of the device they use.

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