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Putting Mobile Content in Context: Q&A with bigtincan Chief Strategy Officer

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New Appy Holidays feature: ACE partner bigtincan on why user experience should always come first in business app development.

AirWatch Appy Holidays logoLet the ‘Appy Holidays continue! For today’s blog feature, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Cleary, chief strategy office at, a mobile content enablement provider and member of the ACE app development community.

Brian shares the vital enterprise need bigtincan solves, how mobile workers can be productive on the go and what he sees as the biggest mobility challenge in 2016.

Q: What’s bigtincan’s story?

Brian: Today’s workforces are more mobile than ever before and need the right technology to ensure they have real-time access to vital content that helps them better engage with customers, prospects and peers. bigtincan hub is a leading mobile content enablement platform that puts content in context, delivering the right content to the right user based on role, time, location, association and/or event – with all the automation and tools needed to engage with content in one integrated, intuitive platform. With bigtincan, organizations can reduce content overload, increase communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing across entire teams, and streamline content production processes by analyzing and providing insights regarding which content is being used most frequently and successfully.

bigtincan hub makes it possible for users to communicate and collaborate on any device, create content from anywhere and forego cumbersome file and folder hierarchies, decreasing user frustration and increasing business productivity by getting the right content to the right user when and where they need it most.

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2. Who needs your app and why?

bigtincan ipad appBrian: bigtincan is designed with field and mobile workers in mind. Whether it is a sales person on a customer pitch or a veterinarian making house calls, bigtincan hub makes it possible for mobile-dependent users to create and collaborate on content directly from their device and to quickly and easily access critical information in their “mobile moment of need.” This means users no longer have to spend extra time or energy surfing and searching through files and folders to get the information they need or open a particular file, which is often the difference between walking away empty handed and giving an accurate on-the-spot diagnosis to close the deal. By operating on any platform and any device—including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches—bigtincan improves content creation and collaboration capabilities, and increases the ease of access to much needed content for the mobile workforce.

Q: What role does your app play in the mobile enterprise?

Brian: bigtincan hub transforms the way sales and field service employees interact with, present and collaborate on content through a single application experience, improving how they engage with customers when on their mobile devices. By delivering on every user’s “mobile moment of need,” employees no longer need to hunt through files and folders that were never designed for mobile. Instead, bigtincan pushes relevant content directly to a user’s mobile device when and where it is needed based on role, time, location, association and/or event, ensuring every customer interaction counts. With bigtincan hub, enterprise users are more productive, more efficient and more effective with customers, prospects and peers.

Q: If you had to describe your app in five words or less, what would you say?

Brian: bigtincan puts content in context.

bigtincan activity dashboardQ: What do you think the biggest mobility challenge will be in 2016?

Brian: As the line between consumer and enterprise technologies all but disappears, the onus will be on companies to ensure that the capabilities and easy functionality workers have come to expect at home is matched in the workplace. While there is a seemingly endless flood of products and tools designed to facilitate this transition, if enterprises can’t find a way to integrate their tools, enact intelligent search functions for content and push relevant content to their employees where and when they need it, they’ll fail.

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Q: Which came first: end-user experience or the app?

Brian: The end-user experience came first. bigtincan hub was created out of the need for an improved enterprise user experience to ensure that the ever-growing mobile workforce had the tools and resources to find the content they need, when they need it most to be more productive, better engage with customers and improve their company’s bottom line.

Learn more about bigtincan by visiting their website at, and learn how you can join the ACE community of enterprise app partners and developers at

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About Brian Cleary, chief strategy officer at bigtincan

Brian Cleary is currently the chief strategy officer at bigtincan, a mobile content enablement company. Cleary brings two decades of experience to his role, where he is responsible for setting the technology roadmap, leading product and corporate marketing initiatives and developing strategic technology partnerships and field leadership strategies.


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