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6 Questions with Movius Work Phone: the App that Makes Mobile Telecom Smarter

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In today’s Appy Holidays series, the AirWatch Blog’s month-long spotlight on the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) community, I had the opportunity to chat with Jose AirWatch Appy Holidays logoRomero, VP of Marketing at Movius Interactive Corporation.

Jose shared how Movius Work Phone benefits the mobile enterprise, the biggest trends facing mobile businesses in 2016 and what he sees as the key business mobility challenges in the coming year.

Q: What is Movius app, and what role does it play in the mobile enterprise?

Jose: Movius Work Phone™ is the first and only smartphone application to mobilize business phones to mobile devices leveraging either TDM voice or VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) services on any employee preferred smart device and telecom carrier. The powerful SaaS-based business mobility solution also provides real-time information to IT and compliance managers for work-related voice, messaging and data consumption. This helps enterprises reduce expenses and control costs, increase productivity and remain compliant with corporate and industry regulations.

Q: What is your biggest ROI play for customers?

Jose: With the expanding acceptance of BYOD/COPE in the workplace, enterprises are quickly becoming susceptible to risks and potential law suits resulting from leaked corporate information and trade secrets. While Movius Work Phone provides enterprises with a wide variety of capabilities that enhance mobility, keeping enterprises compliant with corporate and industry regulations is the biggest ROI challenge it solves. Additional capabilities Movius Work Phone provides include split-billing and expense reduction, cross-carrier flexibility and the ability to work over traditional wireless voice networks (TDM) and VoIP (which includes cellular data 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi) services.

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Q: What do you think are the biggest trends impacting your customers in 2016?

Jose: One of the biggest mobility trends we are seeing has to do with compliance as it relates to BYOD. The large majority of enterprise businesses today currently allow their employees to use personal devices for both work and personal use. However, by providing employees with this freedom, businesses are realizing that they have less control over what information is transferred through voice conversations. Movius Work phone enables businesses to comply with industry and government mobility regulations, improve the management of their employee’s communications and expenses, all while allowing the employee to easily switch between multiple identities (e.g., business, personal, soccer coach, etc.) on their mobile phones. This helps relieve any legal concern businesses may have, while employees are set free to maximize the productivity while out of the office.

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Q: What business process does your app help streamline and/or empower?

Jose: Movius Work Phone automates wireless rate plan changes, preventing businesses from receiving enormous mobile phone charges from employees who travel internationally. It also enables these businesses to accurately predict any overages and stay within budgets. In addition, Movius’ powerful split billing capabilities work with whichever service provider your employees prefer, saving time and simplifying the auditing and employee reimbursement procedures for both the organization and the employee.

Q: What do you view as the biggest mobility challenge in 2016?

Jose: We’ve all seen people carrying around multiple phones for different purposes. One for work, one for personal use, and perhaps even another one for something else. In addition to the hassle of lugging around multiple phones, we’ve also seen how this practice can sometimes lead to employees and their employers getting into big trouble. Employees sometimes do not think about the ramifications of communicating private company data through their own devices. However, this creates a major concern for enterprise businesses on the security of their corporate information and whether this puts them at risk for not being compliant. We believe that solutions such as Movius Work Phone will help prevent problems like this from occurring by enabling companies and their employees to leverage separate identities on a single, mobile device.

Q: Rumor has it that the average person will soon have four or more mobile devices. Do you see this trend in your user base?

Jose: As we use multiple devices to communicate (mobile phone, iPad, laptop), we see a trend to have a single “account/plan” available across all devices so that users can choose their experience based on context (if I’m in the office, maybe I’ll use the laptop or iPad). Additionally, we see a trend of “moving” live calls from one device to the other. For example, I could be talking on my laptop or iPad and want to get on the car. Without any issues, I’d be able to open the app on the phone and transfer the call from either my laptop or iPad to my phone seamlessly.

Learn more about Movius on their website at and about how your company can join the ACE community of enterprise app partners and developers at

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About Jose Romero, VP Marketing at Movius Interactive Corporation

Jose M. Romero is vice president of Marketing at Movius Interactive Corporation, a provider of disruptive, multiple phone line management solutions for telecom carriers and enterprises. In his role, Mr. Romero is responsible Movius’ marketing and innovation strategy.

Mr. Romero holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of Miami. He also completed executive education programs in product innovation, cryptology, machine learning, data science, process adherence and board governance from institutions such as MIT, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, IBM, Carnegie Mellon, and NSHMBA.

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