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The Multi-Device Era Is Here: Support It with TeamViewer

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AirWatch Appy Holidays logoThe proliferation of devices is here to stay, according to Chief Marketing Officer David Gingell of TeamViewer, an all-in-one remote support and team meetings software company.

Find out how the mobile enterprise can more effectively manage them all in the next Appy Holidays Q&A with AirWatch ACE partner TeamViewer.

Q: Who needs your app and why?

David: In a nut shell: TeamViewer is vital for anyone who needs to stay connected effortlessly to the enterprise.

IT admins and supporters can use TeamViewer to provide fast remote support to colleagues and customers who use all sorts of devices. It allows them to fix issues that crop up and keep mobile enterprises functioning, without needing to travel for in-person support.

The mobile enterprise workforce can use TeamViewer to remotely access their office computers while out in the field. That way, they can retrieve files and remotely control office-bound computers to flexibly work with the programs and functionalities they need, as well as use TeamViewer to take part in online meetings with dispersed teams and customers.

That’s just the beginning. The uses of TeamViewer are as diverse as the people and companies who use it.

Q: What are your top three favorite features?

David: Our active and passionate user community is very clear in their favorite features of TeamViewer, and their feedback continues to guide our development towards extending our capabilities to meet their needs.

  • Easy remote control: IT supporters value the ability to quickly and easily remote control devices to deliver critical technical support. Remote workers enjoy the flexibility and extended utility added by the simplicity in connecting to remote devices.
  • Easy to request remote support: A dedication to exceptional levels of service is why a favorite feature of our customers is the ease with which end users can request technical support with TeamViewer. Within a few clicks, remote support can be requested and promptly provided.
  • Multiple platform usability: Customers appreciate that TeamViewer runs almost anywhere.

Whether your device runs iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS or Linux, TeamViewer enables you to connect across every platform.

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Q: What role does your app play in the mobile enterprise?

David: With the proliferation of mobile devices, it is increasingly critical for the mobile enterprise to have the means to effectively manage and support devices.

TeamViewer plays a critical role in enabling the mobile enterprise by providing companies with the tools it needs to adequately provide IT support.

In association with ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), the open standard approach for managing and securing apps deployed via enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, TeamViewer is committed to playing a core role in standardizing the configuration and security of applications through native mobile OS functionality.

We are committed to simplifying the complex nature of mobile app development. With the increasing trend towards a mobile workforce, and BYOD, it is vital for applications to be secure and to provide users with a seamless and consistent experience. By joining ACE, TeamViewer enables enterprise users and IT departments to efficiently navigate through business data, without any security risk.

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Q: What’s your biggest ROI play for your customers?

David: Customers save an inordinate amount of time by using TeamViewer.

Mass deployment, such as to Android devices, removes the time cost associated with installation. And policy settings can be centrally managed to ensure security and functionality.

Remote workers save time by easily accessing enterprise resources from wherever they are, with the device they have. And IT support can be administered without any travel costs associated with in-person support.

TeamViewer enables mobility in the mobile enterprise by removing the location-based tether that would otherwise restrict performance.

Q: Rumor has it that the average person will soon have four or more mobile devices. Do you see this trend in your user base?

David: Among our user base, working with a laptop, tablet and two smartphones is already very common, and it is clear that the proliferation of devices is here to stay.

As the workforce becomes more and more mobile, the need to control, manage and support this growing number of devices will only be intensified.

Mobile device management (MDM) technologies such as AirWatch need to be complemented by mobile support technologies like TeamViewer to ensure the workforce remains connected and engaged across all their numerous devices.

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David GingellAbout David Gingell, Chief Marketing Officer at TeamViewer

David Gingell is the Chief Marketing Officer of TeamViewer. A veteran technology marketer, he joined TeamViewer in June 2015 to oversee the company’s marketing strategy and execution. David is always willing to discourse on the IT industry and on new trends such as the Internet of Things.

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